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In 1962, mariner 2 was sent to Venus to search for life forms. Venus shows tons of signs of being like Earth in many ways and Venus is surround by a low cloud, clouds that could be similar to what we have on Earth. People thought there could be a swamp or rivers and waters on Venus, but many think the clouds are from a dust storm and no life could exist on Venus. Even though the temperatures are around 450 degrees, it was determined that the surface of Venus couldn’t sustain any life on Venus. Venus is the 2nd planet from the Sun and the most vivid object in the night’s sky that you can view from your telescope.

After the sunset, you can see Venus is all it’s brightness and many call Venus the sister planet to the Earth even through life doesn’t exist on Venus, or hasn’t been found to date. Venus has a surface that resembles a desert with rocks that looks like the aftermath of a volcano eruption from all the volcanic activity on Venus. There is some evidence to show that Venus is not an old planet and may be younger in age than the Earth itself. Venus is about 80 percent of the size of the Earth, and it’s interesting to think that this almost twin planet is almost the same size of our world. Venus is unlivable with carbon dioxide and nitrogen make up the climate on Venus, however, the clouds that hover above Venus can have lightning storms similar to what we see on Earth.

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