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In July 1976, the viking one spacecraft attempted a massive test of it’s ability. The test was to see if there is life on mars and has been a question on earth for many years to find out if there is life outside on mars. This test was to determine if Mars is a planet that is livable for extra terrestrial life, or if aliens could be out there in space and survive on Mars. Mars is different from all the other planets. Space seemed like a lonely place until the viking quest into space, a robotic space mission in 76 to find some forms of life on Mars. Everyone was so excited to experiment and get answers about life forms on Mars. The robot touched the ground of Mars and ran some experiments looking for results that could tell a story about life on Mars. It produced some of the best pictures of Mars we have ever seen from Earth. The red planet is so rocky, the viking stayed for 7 days and showed Mars with 100 degrees below 0 in a massive desert. Even still, scientists tested samples to search for minute life even in small forms. As if there was any signs of life in insects, that would be a massive breakthrough. As scientists tested material by mixing materials, scientists could see there are some similarities with substances from Mars, but it ended up to be a false answer that Mars has life and organisms living in Martian soil. When scanning for the raw organic forms in which all life forms is made, it showed that there were no organic life form possibility on Mars. The gasses were lethal on Mars and nothing could absolutely live there. Mars is also 4 billion years old and it is possible that there was a time in the history when Mars was not such a terrible place to live.

In 96, America orbited Mars to check for more specifics and to see if live had ever existed on Mars. It surveyed Mars and showed that Martian surface could of had river and water in the past. These pictures showed Mars through the Mars Odyssey which show some ice below the surface of Mars meaning there could of been water years ago and Mars could of had oceans all those years ago. Could Mars of once been a planet where life had thrived in waters, rivers, oceans, and the valleys of mars.

While there may not be life on Mars, in 96, we returned to Mars for more pictures and image. Many of the spacecrafts didn’t even make it on the way to Mars as it’s a tough place to visit. This trip attempted to find if life existed in the rocks and geological studies to determine the history of Mars and facts about life that may have once existed on the planet. The martian surface images tell a story as they look very similar to the deserts of Earth, and it’s interesting to think that there was once water in these similar surfaces to that of Earth.

In 2003, NASA sent rovers to Mars to find the answers, orbit Mars, and detect water minerals anywhere in the Martian land. Looking for Martian organisms, this was the best test to find out the history of life. The spirit rover landed in a crater on Mars and opportunity rover landed on Mars in 2003, which was a special feat for NASA and space scientists. The first major images on Mars showed rocky pictures of the Martian land and surface and drove around the Mars surface. The robots showed that there could of been life once on Mars through the detection of the rocks proves that in the past of Mars, there could of been water in the past. There is great evidence that there could of been water, sunlight, and the items that are needed for life. There is poles one mars that are covered in Ice and they could be a good place to find life on Mars, however, the poles are tough places to get too and would take a massive journey. In these places on Mars, it could tell a different story of life on mars and nature and science within space to ask the life long question, is there life out there? NASA’s pictures of Mars are some of the most popular images the world has ever seen. One thing is obvious about Mars is that humans can get to mars and land on mars and by 2020, humans may be able to land on Mars and answer the question of life on Mars and place Humans on Mars for the first time.

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