Interesting Facts about Jupiter

Find interesting facts about Jupiter and whether there could life on Jupiter that humans don’t know about. Find fun Astronomy facts and information about planets including mars at most interesting facts. Find Interesting Facts on Jupiter, including Science information, Space facts, opinions and resources.

Jupiter seems to be the closest planet that man could have life form, however, the clouds in Jupiter have shown to have a ton of ammonium which could never support any types of life forms in Jupiter. In Space, Europa is a moon on Jupiter that had an icy outer base and in 98, Jupiter’s moon, Europa, was viewed closer and it did seem there was water before the ice layer on Europa. If there was water and energy, there could of been life on Europa. The ice is a very difficult problem to penetrate through the massive layers of ice and in order to do so, scientists would need to melt something into the ice to go beneath and check the water sources for organisms. If scientists were able to get under the ice, there could be picture and image opportunities of potential life forms in outer space, however, in order to do so it would be require a massive budget and huge task for people on Earth.

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