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In 78, a submarine found unexpected organisms on Earth that were never seen before. Amazing environments that were living on the core of the Earth, which showed that life could survive without sunlight and the Earth is more dynamic that we believed before. In the death valley of California on Earth is a harsh place, however, there is life within the Earth’s core underneath the ground on the Earth. There is still organisms that life in the hot environment. The key to life scientists say is that as long as there is water in place, then there can be life. Therefore, if there was water on other planets such as Mars or Jupiter, there could be some life forms living in other place. In order to do that, you must look at the history of the Earth and our planet. It happened over 4 billion years in the past and scientists are looking at rocks to find out how soon after life forms were developed. Greenland has some of the oldest rocks in the world to show some of oldest life forms to exists, there are minerals from Earth’s first ocean in Greenland. These rocks are so old that they have been exposed to all the elements over the billions of years, and even still there are minerals in the rocks that have been around for all these years. Within this rock, you can see the age of this life and that life did exist over 4 billion years ago, even if it’s in a small life form and this shows that life was around just after the Earth was created. To answer the question of when Life was created, it was created as soon as the Earth was created when planet first emerged, life arrived on Earth, even when the planet was a steaming cold place to live. This research and data must say that it’s possible that life could arrive somewhere else through chemical reactions on other planets. This begs the question of what could happen in space or what has happened out there that has caused life to begin with.

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