Top 5 Most Mysterious Places in The World

Here’s a list of most mysterious places in the world that people still keep asking about how is it happen or what’s going on in the region. Some of these places even become tourist attraction such as Easter Island and Stonehenge. So let’s take a look at those most mysterious places in the world

5. Stonehenge

Stonehenge is a mysterious stone Monument in the county of Upshur in England. No one knows what is the purpose of this Stonehenge, whether it’s a court, or place of worship, or temple, or perhaps a sign of a UFO?

most mysterious places in the world Stonehenge 1024x699 Top 5 Most Mysterious Places in The World


4. Xinjian

In this city, there is neglected area called “Moguicheng” or the city of Demon. Several castles in Moguicheng generate strange noises that are not clear where’s it from. If you approach this city of demon on a hot day with little breeze, you will listen to the rhythm of sweet, like 10 million or 10 million small bell guitar playing together beautifully. But if the winds came, then the resulting sound will be like a roaring lion, crying babies or the howling of wolves.

most mysterious places in the world Moguicheng Xinjiang Top 5 Most Mysterious Places in The World

Moguicheng, Xinjiang

3. The Bermuda Triangle

In the northwest of Atlantic ocean, lies the Bermuda Triangle. Within this triangle there are 7 large islands and 150 smaller islands which are really just clusters of coral. This triangle is also known as the triangle of evil – all high-tech equipment and all navigation equipment is not working properly in this place. Often even the communication with the world outside of this triangle has a problem. No one knows why and how to prevent this.

most mysterious places in the world The Bermuda Triangle Top 5 Most Mysterious Places in The World

The Bermuda Triangle

2. Egypt

Egypt is one of the most mysterious and magical places on the planet. Located in North Africa, this country has more than 80 pyramids which spread along the Nile river. Each of the pyramids is around 100 meters high, made of giant stones weighing up to 100 tons each. Until now legends about the pyramids are still inviting new gossip, new myths and beliefs that still emerged. Among all of the pyramids, the Pyramid of Cheops is the highest. All of the pyramid was built only with stones piled one above the other stone. There’s no glue, nails or any adhesive found to be used in the manufacture of the pyramid. All the stones fit together somehow, so it is very difficult to find any cracks or gaps. Issues concerning the construction techniques used are also still unanswered to this day. So if you are indeed looking for mysteries, the Pyramids of Egypt will be a mystery to you all.

most mysterious places in the world Pyramids of Egypt Top 5 Most Mysterious Places in The World

Pyramids of Egypt

1. Easter Island
This island lies between Tahiti and Chile, and gained international popularity because of remarkable colossal statues shaped the human face. Each statue is 14 feet tall (about 4 meters), weighed 75 tonnes, made of volcanic stone, and represents the work of Rapa Nui society. Until now, It’s unknown how the statue was made by primitive technology owned by the society. There are various theories about the origin of the statue and its meaning, including one of them is fantastic theory which says that the statue was made by a UFO. But, until now the truth of all the existing theory has not been revealed.

most mysterious places in the world Moai Statues in Easter Island Top 5 Most Mysterious Places in The World

Moai, Statues in Easter Island

Do you know other most mysterious places in the world? Please share with us here.

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  1. The Bermuda Triangle continues to baffle scientist, mariner and airmen alike with strange happenings. Many of the paranormal stories can be discounted, but not all. There are only two places on earth where you get a true north compass reading, not magnetic north, one is The Bermuda Triangle and the other is an area around the sea of Japan. There are also stories that keep the time warp theory alive.
    Maybe one day we’ll have all the answers, in the meantime we’ll have to settle for speculation and some pretty lively stories about The Bermuda Triangle.

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