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The Westminster Abbey was created in 1050 by Edward the Confessor and it was the location of where Henry III was buried. Nicholas Hawksmoor was involved in building the western part of the Westminster Abbey.

The Westminster Abbey is a history landmark in London, England in the UK. It is a Gothic Church and Medieval looking church with a ton of history. Queen Elizabeth II took the throne in 1953 in the Westminster Abbey in London. In 2011 on April 29th, Prince William and Kate Middleton will get married in the Westminster Abbey in London.

The Collegiate Church of St Peter is very close to the Palace of Westminster. It is also the place where monarchs of the Commonwealth are buried. It is a place of the royals in the British Empire. The Westminster Abbey Church was established by Queen Elizabeth I.

The Westminster Abbey’s nave is England’s highest. It is the tomb of the Unknown Warrior who was a World War I soldier. There is also a stone for Winston Churchill and other monarchs and political figures were buried in the Abbey. The Westminster Abbey was involved in a massive fire in 1298. The Cloister was destroyed in the disaster and it’s used mainly for praying of the monks. The Chapter House in the Westminster Abbey is massive and dates back to 1250. Also the amazing Chapel of Henry VII is massive and has a stained glass window to commemorate the the Battle of Britain and those who died in the war.

Over 3,000 people have been buried in the Westminster Abbey, making a landmark across the world. The most famous people to have been buried in the Abbey include Charles Darwin and Sir Isaac Newton, who left such an important mark on our world. Some of the most amazing poets of all time were also buried in the Abbey including William Blake, Charles Dickens, Alfred Lord Tennyson, and William Wordsworth.

The royal wedding between Prince William and Kate won’t be the first Royal Wedding in the Westminster Abbey. Richard II and Anne of Bohemia was a major royal wedding in the Abbey along with the monarchs Henry I, and Richard II were married in Westminster Abbey. Other major weddings of the Royals in the Westminster Abbey include Margaret of England, The Princess Mary, The Prince George or the Duke of Kent, Prince Albert or the Duke of York, Princess Anne, the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Andrew who is the second son of Queen Elizabeth II. This makes the Westminster Abbey so much more special for Queen Elizabeth when attending the wedding of her grandson and the son of Prince Charles, Prince William to Kate Middleton, who is a commoner.

The Westminster Abbey is also the home of learning and education as there are two schools on the premises including Westminster School and Westminster Abbey Choir School.

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