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Egypt is one of most long lasting civilization in history that was ruled by some of the powerful kings the world has ever known. Egypt has statues, pyramids, tombs, and more mysterious history facts.

  • One of the most interesting facts about Egypt is who the man was behind the mask and King Tutankhamun’s Tresure. In the west bank of the Nile, and the valley of the king, there are over 60 tombs and a hidden tomb of King Tut. Many people have tried to find the tomb, it was finally discovered where the body of the Pharoah was included plus tons of treasures. When the tomb was fun, the mummy and it’s treasures opened up a myriad of information and facts about the king and Tutankhamun’s legacy in Egypts history.
  • Using Natron, Egyptians were able to mummify humans. They noticed an injury on King Tut’s mummy, however, it was most likely an injury made during the mummy process or the way the King died. It still remains one of the most interesting facts of Egypt and one of the remaining mysteries of Egypt.
  • King Tut had bucked teeth and was not like his famous mask
  • The King Tut treasures provided a discovery of millions of dollars of gold.
  • The King Tut treasure was found all in tact and tell a story of the Pharaoh of Egypt
  • Egyptians believed that the after life was more important than the regular life
  • Tutankhamen was the supreme ruler of Egypt
  • The tombs artifacts tell many different stories about King Tut and ancient Egypt.
  • Many of the people of Ancient Egypt were normal working people and citizens.
  • Tomb Builders in Ancient Egypt had a prestigious job in Ancient Egypt
  • The citizens of Egypt built their own tombs and tell us a story of their life through their artwork in which these stories have been passed down among generations. The art tells a story of desired life in Egypt. The people who lived in Egypt used tons of limestone found all around Egypt and gave them the ability to write and send messages to each other in an ancient way. Through these messages, we can tell more about Ancient Egyptian lifestyle was not much different from that life of which we live today.
  • The Great Temple at Abu Simbel shows artwork about the great Pharoahs. It’s near the border of modern day Sudan and shows tons of artwork showing the ruling of the Pharoah. By removing thousands of sand by wetting the sand, they able to walk inside the old temple and reveal the special template and dedication the one of Egypt’ greatest Pharoahs, Ramesses II. He ruled for over 67 years. It shows him as the defender of the Egypt and showed the Pharoah as the ruler of the Gods. He was a great warrior king and the artwork shows how he ran out of people to fight by defeating everyone. He defeated the Hittites in a brutal battle in massive battle of major and big armies and empires meeting on the battlefield with tons of weapons. It included horse chariots and runs with arrows being shot in the battle. Ramesses was a warrior and defender his nation, and said he was a living god with no one left to fight.
  • Egyptian people were very spiritual people and lived among the tombs and dead. They felt they dead influenced their lives.
  • The Tomb of Pharaoh Seti l revealed many facts about Egyptians strong beliefs regarding the after life.
  • The lost temple of Akhmim shows that the Egyptian’s built tons of monuments and buildings, in addition to the Pyramids and tourist attractions in the North and South of Egypt and at Luxor. In Central Egypt, many people don’t travel there. However, there is tons of temples and construction all over Egypt, much of which is buried underneath the current city.
  • The Secret Mummy Cave in Egypt reveals tons of missing royal mummies. There are mummies of over 50 great Pharoahs in the secret mummy cave. Egypt was ridden with governmental anarchy, showing that Egypt’s past is not too different from the present state of Egypt.
  • Valley of the Golden Mummies is a treasure of ancient Egypt. Egypt was attacked by many empires but was able to defeat tons of empire’s trying to conquer Egypt. One of the empires who attacked Egypt was the Romans, and some of the Roman mummies exist in the Western Desert. This desert showed the Egyptian power in the world. In the Western Desert of Egypt, there are tons of corpses showing tons of bones and corpses. They were found by animals who dug up the bones in the desert. This opened up the bodies of tons of mummies that haven’t been touched or damaged.
  • The ancient Egyptian legends and history are still studied to this day. Egyptian medicine and science has been passed on through generations even to modern medicine through their mummification process.
  • The most interesting fact and significant landmark in Egypt remains it’s Pyramids as there are hundreds of Pyramids in Egypt and they show Egypt’s working class culture. The Great Pyramid is the largest pyramid in Egypt and those near Giza still stand tall are visited by tourists from all of the the world.
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