5 Coldest Places in the world


Once you stay a month in one of 5 places I am going to mention on the following list, you won’t need to wear a thick coat when you are in London or Swiss during the winter. This is 5 coldest places in the world. Most of the areas below are under territory of Russia jurisdiction.

5. Northice Station

north ice 5 Coldest Places in the world

north ice station

Northice Station is located in the middle of Greenland and the station is only inhabited by community lesser than a small village. The coldest point has ever been recorded was in January 9, 1954. That time the temperature of the place was -87° F (-66° C)




4. Yakutsk

yakutsk 5 Coldest Places in the world


Yakutsk is the capital city of Yakutia region of Siberia and it is populated by 200,000 people. Some claim the city as the coldest one in the world. During January, the average daily temperatures around -58° F (-50° C). It is so cold so that most people here turn on their cars hours every day just to make sure that it is not frozen. Wearing sunglasses outdoor is dangerous here because it can stick on the face and tear the skin off



3. Verkhoyansk

Verkhoyansk 5 Coldest Places in the world


Verkhoyansk, another region in Yakutia, is located in the inner Arctic Circle. Took 8 days driving to reach the location and we can only visit the place in the winder where the lake that connect the Verkhoyansk and the outside world frozen. It is inhabited by around 1350 population. It has rich natural resources include Gold. Sadly, because everything is frozen here an excavation is nearly impossible. It is nicknamed “Stalin’s Death Ring” until now





2. Oymyakon

Oymyakon 5 Coldest Places in the world


Oymyakon is a small village in Yakutia, Russia and it is known as the coldest city in northern Hemisphere of the earth. In Sakha language, Russia traditional language, Oymyakon stands for “unfrozen water”. Oymyakon is situated near hot springs area and it keeps the soil around the hot spring do not turn to be permafrost. The lowest temperature have ever been recorded in this area was -96.2° F (-71.2° C). The temperature was recorded in January 26, 1926



1. Vostok Station

Vostok Station 5 Coldest Places in the world

Vostok Station

Vostok Station is located at the southern hemisphere. In July 21st, 1983, temperature meter pointed -128, 6 ° F (-89.2° C). It is the coldest outdoor temperature ever recorded in the world and that literally make the station known as the coldest place in the world.



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