Most Interesting Presidents

Find the Most Interesting Presidents Facts, including People information, President facts, opinions and resources. These Presidents lead the nation during interesting times in our history, either during a war, an economic crisis, and made our list for the most interesting presidents. For that reason, these are the best presidents in USA history.

Most Interesting Facts on Barack Obama
The First African American American President
Helped the United States get their way out of a Recession and Economic Downfall
Most enthusiastic and hopeful president the US has seen in history, known for his quote during his presidential election, “Yes We Can”
44th President of the United States

Most Interesting Facts on Richard Nixon
An Academy Award nominated movie was created about Richard Nixon and the Watergate interviews based on Richard Nixon’s presidency
37th President in US History
Nixon resigned as President to eliminate his presidential impeachment. He was replaced by Gerald Ford.
Nixon was a Navy lieutenant during WWII.
Nixon died in 1994.

Most Interesting Facts on Abraham Lincoln
16th President of the United States
He led the US through the Civil War
Abraham Lincoln was assassinated at Ford’s Theatre
A movie is being created by Steven Spielberg based upon Abraham Lincoln US Presidency
Lincoln’s Gettysburg speech is one of the most famous in history
The Abraham Lincoln memorial in Washington DC is visited by thousands of people every day
Lincoln released the Emancipation Proclamation which freed millions of slaves across America and ended slavery in the US.

Most Interesting Facts on Franklin Delano Roosevelt – FDR
32nd President in US History
He was president who fought during some of the toughest times in the history of the world, World War II and the Great Depression
FDR died just before the victory in WW2

Most Interesting Facts on John Adams
2nd President in US History
Defended British Soldiers in the Boston Massacre Trial
John Adams was one of the people helped nominate George Washington
Helped with US Declaration of Independence
Elected as US President in 1796

Most Interesting Facts on George Washington
Led the Continental Army in the American Revolution.
Unanimously elected to US Presidency
Remains our most interesting President forever as he will remain on the One Dollar Bill

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