Most Interesting Man in the World

View the most interesting man in the world at most interesting facts. This interesting person is one of the coolest person in the universe. While Dos Equis Brand of beer is advertising in their commercials the most interesting man in the world, a man must be able to appeal to all audiences in order to reach everyone in the entire world. This man is one of the most special people on the planet and he is more than just a cool face to an advertising campaign created by the advertising agency Euro RSCG. The world’s real most interesting man and the closest thing the world will find to it is Richard Branson.

Richard Branson is the CEO and found of Virgin Atlantic and has been working on Virgin Galactic helping to create a spaceship and have people be able to pay to travel to space. While this is a major endeavor, no one is more capable to do it than Richard Branson. Richard Branson is a thrill seeker and has jumped off planes, went bungee jumpee, and does it all with billions of dollars in the bank. He has been known to help the Most Interesting Entrepreneurs in their business and has been generous in terms of charity throughout his life. He is truly the worlds most special and interesting person and he means more to making a difference than the Dos Equis cool interesting man, even though that guy is pretty cool and gets all the girls in the commercials.

Richard Branson has always been cool and created Virgin Records music label and the Virgin Records Megastore before the internet came along and MP3′s hurt the business, but that hasn’t hurt Richard Branson from continuing to move forward with his forward thinking ideas to help change the world and leave his mark on society. Many people say that Virgin Atlantic Airlines is truly an experience when you fly and the neon lights and Richard Branson brand is with you throughout your entire experience on the airline of Virgin Atlantic.

Richard Branson defines cool and defines the word interesting to business people, entrepreneurs, and the world alike. He has consistently been one of the worlds richest people in Forbes list of the most richest people in the world. While he doesn’t own the most expensive house in the world, he still has mansions and yachts and jets to go along with his billion dollar fortune he has amassed over the years.

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