Facts about the Royal Wedding

Find the most interesting facts about the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton from Buckleberry, England. It is the most special wedding in history since the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles many years ago.

The Royal will join the list for one of the most expensive weddings in the world. On Friday April 29 in 2011, Kate Middleton will become part of the royal family in England.

This wedding could end up being the most covered and news media involved frenzy wedding in the history of the world. This highly public wedding will be watched by viewers across the entire world.

There has even been a movie made about the couple, but it’s a funny fact that they don’t look very much like the real couple. The movie didn’t exactly get rave reviews after it aired on the Lifetime channel. Almost two thousand guests were invited to the Royal Wedding and it’s a fact that celebrities including Victoria and David Beckham made the list for the Westminster Abbey royal Wedding reception.

Even Elton John and Kanye West was invited, Also the Crown Prince of Bahrain Salman bin Hamad al-Khalif, Abu Dhabi,, emperors, and more famous royal people were invited. It’s an interesting fact that prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are not part of the royal wedding invite list, and President Obama wasn’t invited either.

This Royal Wedding will mark a historical event where the royals marry a commoner and the world will be watching. At the wedding, royals and commoners won’t sit together, and the fact of the matter is that the events that unfold will be historical in nature. This wedding will be very similar in nature to the wedding of Prince Diana and Prince Charles wedding in 81. There will be over six hundred guests treated to a number of good food appetizer meals from the chef of Buckingham Palace, Darren McGrady, serving everything from fish to desserts.

There is now an official stamp for the royals including william and kate on a stamp. The wedding will be viewed by people all over the world on all the major television networks on Friday, April 29th and it could reach a record for a wedding TV audience in the United States and globally.

It’s debated whether Prince William will force Princess Kate to sign a pre-nup, but most people think she will have to sign one.

It’s a funny fact that Kate Middleton will the be the oldest bride to ever be a royal bride as the past brides in the Royal Wedding’s have been much younger. Can you believe that?

Princess Kate wants to be called by Princess Catherine or her birth name, but the people in the world would rather call her Princess Kate as it’s more catchy and has been used much more times in the media.

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