Facts about Queen Elizabeth II

Find the most interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth who is participate in the historic Royal Wedding. Fascinating, odd, and weird Facts on Queen Elizabeth II of England. Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor the second is the mother or mum of Prince Charles who married Princess Diana and is the Grand Mother of Prince William and Prince Harry. Prince William will be marrying Kate Middleton on Friday April 29th, in 2011 in the popular royal wedding that people have been anticipating for many years to watch Kate Middleton, a commoner become a princess. The Queen Elizabeth II was married to Prince Philip who is Duke of Edinburgh and her sons including Charles, Andrew and Edward.

Queen Elizabeth is the leader of the UK or the constitutional monarch and the top governor in the church of England. More facts about the queens family show that her father who was George the sixth who was the king of the UK. He was also the empereor of India. When George the sixth passed away in 1952, Elizabeth became the Queen and and the Head of the Commonwealth of the independent countries. Queen Elizabeth also has a younger sister named Margaret.

The Queen has been through many ups and downs including the death of her daughter in law, princess diana, the divorce of Prince Charles. With that has brought much stress, however, the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will be bring very much happiness as a grandmother.

Queen Elizabeth has been through a major transitional period in the United Kingdom over her life time. The British Empire has changed drastically since she was a kid and become a Commonwealth of Nations. Queen Elizabeth has traveled to the most states in the history of the world and any leader. She continues to constantly visit the Commonwealth nations and lead the world making trips to the nations.

Queen Elizabeth the second enjoys to spend time at the Balmoral Castle in Norfolk. The royals actually enjoy and celebrate Christmas at the estate as well. The Balmoral Castle in Scotland is also a favorite place for the Queen along with Windsor Castle near London

It’s ironic that at the same place where Queen Elizabeth took the throne in 1953 at the Westminster Abbey in London is the place where Kate Middleton will become Princess Catherine in the Royal Wedding.

2002 was a tragic year for the Queen when Princess Margaret passed away and the Queens mother died Margaret Rose who was the Queen’s Sister and her mother died in the same year.

It’s amazing that the Queen was 25 when she became the Queen of England and Kate Middleton will be older than the Queen when she turns Princess.

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