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Find the most interesting facts about Prince William who is preparing for the Royal Wedding with Kate Middleton. Get funny, odd, weird and fascinating facts and opinions about the Brittish Prince William of Wales.

It’s interesting that Prince William of Wales is younger than 30 years of age and will be marrying Kate Middleton as some would say he’s still a baby. He was born in 1982.

Prince William is the son of Prince Charles and the son of Princess Diana who was the Princess of Wales and tragically died in a car crash in Paris France. Many believed the paparazzi was responsible for the crash as they over did it with the pictures and following of Princess Diana.

Prince William is the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II.

After Prince Williams father, Prince William is the next person in line to be the King.

It took Prince William over 8 years to decide whether to get married to Kate Middleton, and their road went through it’s ups and downs like any couple. For one, a few years ago Prince William took space from Kate and was found partying many times, but the idea of Kate being with someone else was surely a pill too big to swallow for Prince William, so he gave a massive 18 carat diamond engagement ring, and they will now be married in a Royal Wedding on Friday April 29th, 2011 in Westminster Abbey, the heart of London, UK.

Prince William and his younger brother Prince Harry organized once of the largest concerts in the UK at Wembly Stadium, the concert for Diana to commemorate their mom. Millions of people watched and tons of the best artists including Elton John performed “Goodbye Norma Jean” amongst other great singers and song writers played their songs for Diana. It was an amazing moment for Prince William.

Prince William is liked and respected. He spent a lot of time in Chile and other countries including Africa and is an accomplished Royal Air force pilot.

Even though the Prince was not supposed to serve in the military to due his stature, he is strong willed and decided to do it any way. Prince William is certified to fly planes and also search and rescue Helicopters. Prince William of Wales pursued his military career with honor like his ancestors have done before him including his great uncle Edward VIII who was involved and held duty in the World War I in France.

It’s a fact that Prince William likes to have fun, and his engagement party was at an undisclosed location. Those who attended were known for saying it was a funny and wildly fun time. However, many people think William is a crazy party person and that is not true, he would rather have a good time with good friends.

When Prince William was in college, his roomates found it funny when they realized that while Prince William was allowed to have some freedom and fun, they could burst in at anytime to protect and keep the Prince secure and safe.

Prince William is a humanitarian and enjoys sports including Polo. He is actually a pretty good athlete and a good Polo player. He also enjoys soccer or football as it’s called in the UK, as well as Rugby. However, his skills at Cricket are supposedly pretty funny.

When Prince William was a boy, he wanted police officers to watch after his Mum, or Mom, and always loved and protected her.

Prince William was in love with Cindy Crawford as a child including every one else in the world! However, Prince William got a chance to meet her at the Royal Palace.

Prince William is a good dresser and has won contests for his great attire and haberdashery.

The tabloids said that Prince William almost dated Britney Spears, but he decided not to go to her concerts. Maybe he sensed the tabloid and news nightmare that would come from it.

Prince Williams face is on millions of stamps, which was a gift to him on his birthday when he turned 21.

The Royal Wedding with Kate Middleton may be the most watched and viewed wedding of all time. It will have millions of views, media articles, publications, and media coverage. It’s big news and only happens every few decades so the media will be all of it.

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