Facts about Kate Middleton

Find the most interesting facts about Kate Middleton from Bucklebury, England who is preparing for the Royal Wedding on April 29 2011 with Prince William. Get funny, odd, weird and fascinating facts and opinions about the future Prince Kate.

Kate Middleton is a small town girl from Bucklebury, England and was a commoner until she become the center of attention in the media world and tabloids when she started dating Prince William of Wales. Even though Kate is a from a small town in England, many people don’t realize and it’s weird that her parents are self made working class people that have become rich. it’s a fact that her Dad was a successful pilot and her mother was a flight attendant. She also has some royal in her family and is a relative to a general and a distant cousin to George Washington.

Kate Middleton would rather be called Princess Catherine as opposed to Princess Kate.

Kate Middleton is a classy girl and you can tell by her dresses and wardrobe that she dresses to impress.

It’s funny that Kate Middleton is older than Prince William. Most of the previous princesses have been teenagers and Kate Middleton is actually older than the Prince. Maybe she is more mature and that gives her an edge.

Kate met the Prince at the University of St Andrews and where they started a good but rocky relationship leading to a separation, which only brought the two closer and led them to their engagement and marriage in the Royal Wedding. Kate is a staple at the royal events and does a great job of playing the royal role even though she grew up in a small town. She is always dressed appropriately and no one can find fault with Kate Middleton.

Kate is a very sexy women and when she modeled on catwalk in gorgeous dress, people from all over the world included Prince William took a new notice to Kate. Kate is now becoming an icon in the fashion world due to amazing outfits and clothes. She has even been featured in People magazine and Style Magazine for being one of the best dressed females. The dress she wore when she modeled is estimated to be worth almost two hundred thousand dollars.

Kate Middleton has done a good job with the media, considering every media publication would like to have an interview, pictures, images and more of Kate Middleton right now, especially with the Royal Wedding making world news. People are searching for images of Kate Middleton in a bikini and more pics of Kate Middleton are becoming a highly trend search across the internet. It’s a funny fact that the magazines called her Waitey Katy for William.

Kate and William have had their ups and downs and their split up was covered by the Sun. Kate and William separated and then ended up seeing each other at the Concert for Diana and couldn’t stay away from each other for much longer.

It’s a fact that Kate is Smart. She graduated with a Master of Arts at the same university as Prince William. Kate Middleton is also very confident and funny too, once saying that Prince William is the lucky one to be with her!

It’s funny fact that Kate may be a better athlete than Prince William. Kate could beat William in tennis is probably a better skier and can definitely jump higher than Prince William as she set a record for high jumping in school.

There are tons of people working on Kate’s dress and wedding wardrobe for the royal wedding. View more Royal Wedding Facts.

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