Artists most likely to get pregnant

View the top music artists that are the most likely to get pregnant this year. These artists are ready for their first, second, or third child so watch out in the news and tabloids for when they get pregnant.

Christine Aguilerra could have another child to join her first baby.
Miley Cyrus is very mature for her age.
Britney Spears isn’t done with motherhood after not doing the best job the first time around
Gwen Stefani is the ulitamate cool mom and should have more kids
Leann Rimes may get pregnant
Jewel would be a cute mom
Lindsay Lohan may get pregnant by accident at this rate.
Courtney Love would be a wierd mom but it has to happen.

Beyonce Knowles has been rumored to be pregnant with a baby Jay Z for a very long time. These two have been together forever and it’s only likely and the most chance of any other artist that we’ll see Beyonce knowles pregnant this year!

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