Top 5 Most Unique Stones in the World

Here’s a list of the most unique stones in the world. As we know, stone is a unit of measure, and we can find it in the river mostly for the big stone. There are many types of stones, such as coral, granite, marble, onyx, slate, flagstone, etc.  Here, there are five most unique stones that ever in the world and have never been seen.

5. Dome of the Rock in the Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem

The Dome of the Rock is located at the visual center of a platform known as the Temple Mount, which Muslims refer to as the “Noble Sanctuary”. Dome of the rock is an Islamic  shrine and major landmark located on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It was completed in 691-692, making it the oldest existing Islamic building in the world.

most unique stones in the world dome of the rock 300x225 Top 5 Most Unique Stones in the World

Dome of the Rock

4. Uluru Alice Springs, Australia

Stone that can change color to follow the weather, sometimes orange, black, blue etc. It is a sacred part of Aboriginal creation mythology, or dream-time – reality being a dream. Uluru is considered one of the great wonders of the world and one of Australia’s most recognizable natural icons. It is located on a major planetary grid point much like the Great Pyramid  in Egypt.

most unique stones in the world uluru Alice spring 300x224 Top 5 Most Unique Stones in the World

Uluru Alice Spring

3. Hyden, Australia

Waves as the waves rock it already exists 2.700jt years ago by researchers. The town of Hyden is located 339 km east of Perth, Western Australia in the Shire of Kondinin. Hyden is home to Wave Rock and Mulka’s Cave, both popular local tourist attractions.

most unique stones in the world hyden 300x190 Top 5 Most Unique Stones in the World


2. Stone Walk

There has been no research on this stone, and one person even if this stone has not been tough really running, only tracks only avowed if this stone could walk or move.

most unique stones in the world stone walk 277x300 Top 5 Most Unique Stones in the World

Stone Walk

1. Beach Water Manih, Minangkabau – Padang, Indonesia

It is said that this stone is a child who is cursed by his mother, because ungodly. It is the Indonesian famous legendary human shape stone known as ‘Malin Kundang’ in Minang Province-Padang as a hoax and the alleged human shape remains were actually done by local people with the help of liquid chemical named Formalin. “Malin Kundang” is a folktale about retribution on an ungrateful son. A sailor from a poor family, the protagonist voyages to seek his fortune, becoming rich and marrying a princess.

most unique stone in the world Malin Kundang stone 300x225 Top 5 Most Unique Stones in the World

Malin Kundang Stone

From the list of the most unique stones above, do you ever been seen for these stones?

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  1. malin kundang is legend in my village in sumatra indonesia

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