Top 10 Most Bizarre Weather in the World

Weather in the world is different among places around the world. Some people can feel and see the common weather condition, meanwhile other places have strange and unusual weather and nature phenomenon. This is the list of top 10 most bizarre weather in the world:

1. Sea Monster or Spinning Water?

Loch Ness Monster may only whirlpool that is too active. Small whirlwind, usually called the devil water, can be formed over warm water, bring water to the top and forming a channel on the surface of the water.

Water devil can spin irregular, sometimes hissing sound and buble alike. This plus the noise sound like a form of a long neck could give the impression of people who see that there are sea monsters begin to appear to eat.

most bizarre weather in the world spinning water Top 10 Most Bizarre Weather in the World

Spinning Water

2. Ice Fall / Bomb

Many people who have felt in the middle of a big storm knows about lumps or pieces of ice, usually no bigger than softball, which fell from a storm cloud. But rarely are encountered sizes larger than softball (record weighed 80 pounds) fell from the sky, makes people surprised and shattered to the ground time.

Even more mysterious giant boulder fell but sometimes there are no clouds in the sky. Some events may be recorded fell from the plane, but more is not known what the cause.

most bizarre weather in the world ice fall Top 10 Most Bizarre Weather in the World

Ice Fall

3. St. Elmo’s fires

During a lightning storm, many people reported seeing balls of fire, dancing on the boat. It’s A long pole, cow horns, sparkling small ball, and is called a fire St. Elmo. Crack of static electricity that occurs during thunderstorms and high grabbed object. This could happen before the lightning struck.

most bizarre weather in the world St Elmos fires Top 10 Most Bizarre Weather in the World

St Elmos fires

4. Sprites, Jets and Elves, Oh My!

For years, pilots have reported seeing strange colored light flashes from the top of storm clouds, often many of them are sanctions. But now scientists have found evidence that this peculiar type of lightning really exist. Red sprites is a red light flash that rose as high as 50 miles above the earth, usually appear 2 or more simultaneously.

Blue jet, its cousin, is a bluish light cone, which were located in the lower atmosphere of the red fairy. Occurs at the time coincided with a red elf, pancake shaped red glowing happen because of the heat of the lightning.

most bizarre weather in the world sprites jets elves Top 10 Most Bizarre Weather in the World

Sprites Jets Elves

5. Whirlwinds of Fire

Although this is not as fierce as tornadoes, dust could plasticity sinister evil. These winds pick, is a small version of a tornado that came from the extreme heat in the ground, and causing the air above it rises and the wind that causes rising air spinning.

This whirlwind will carry the dust on the ground, so called evil dust. More horrified is its brother, the fire evil, which was formed from the extreme heat and form a round of fire burning.

most bizarre weather in the world Whirlwinds of Fire Top 10 Most Bizarre Weather in the World

Whirlwinds of Fire

6. Once in a Blue Moon

Think of the term, a blue moon … Hmmm .. usually still refers to the two years and half event when the full moon occurs twice a month. It’s very seldom to happens the moon looks bluish. Forest fires and volcanic eruptions can shoot ash and soot into the atmosphere where it will mix with water droplets. This mixture can be carried by the wind thousands of miles around the world and sometimes refract light of the moon and make it look bluish.

most bizarre weather in the world Once in a Blue Moon Top 10 Most Bizarre Weather in the World

Once in a Blue Moon

7. Seeing Triple

Although the weather is sunny, really bright sun, the sky could give a surprise, at least for the eyes. If the sun really close to the horizon and there are cirrus clouds in the sky, sometimes the sun can appear on both sides reflected too, thus giving the impression of three sun appeared together in the sky.

Sun ‘ghost’ is actually the color of the bright points of light created by the sun that was deflected by the crystals in high clouds. Phenomenon common sight but not always appear.

most bizarre weather in the world Seeing Triple Top 10 Most Bizarre Weather in the World

Seeing Triple

8. The sky is bleeding

Blood dripped from the sky sounds like a horror movie. But the old red rain was reported since ancient Roman times. Although the rain was making people terrified, this rain is not blood. This is caused by dust or sand that had blown into the atmosphere and carried by the wind to great distances eventually mixed with rain clouds and gives color to the rain itself.

The red rain in Europe is usually colored by the dust that is carried across the continent comes from Saharan sand storms. Other colored rain that can occur due to other objects such as : pollen could make a yellow rain, dust from coal mines could create a black rain, dust and even some rain could make white milk.

most bizarre weather in the world The sky is bleeding Top 10 Most Bizarre Weather in the World

The sky is bleeding

9. Greats Balls is Fire

For centuries, people reported electrical oddity attacked their homes, usually during a lightning storm. Ball of fire, various sizes of golf ball can be up to a soccer ball, sometimes floated during the storm, no doubt about it would surprise people who see that.

Lightning ball is usually called, not smelly, do not emit heat, and a bit noisy. This usually disappears with a ‘pop’ if It collide with electronic goods like TV for example, but sometimes can explode violently and cause a fire. Not only making people surprise. Scientists also surprise, because there is no scientific explanation of how this happened.

most bizarre weather in the world Greats Balls is Fire Top 10 Most Bizarre Weather in the World

Greats Balls Of Fire

10. Raining Fish and Frogs

From California to England to India, people regularly report a strange rain. Rain small animals like fish, frogs, snakes sometimes happen unexpectedly, even the area is far from the waters area. Tornado on the water can turn around and bring water, and whatever is therein, into the clouds. Strong winds can carry the load this into a long distance before throwing over the load who are not unexpected by the people in the area.

most bizarre weather in the world Raining Fish and Frogs Top 10 Most Bizarre Weather in the World

Raining Fish and Frogs

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