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Find the Most Interesting Volcanoes Facts, including Nature volcano information, active volcano opinions, volcanic eruption facts and resources about volcano magma, lava, and more. View our list of the most dangerous active volcanoes in the world. These volcanoes can be devastating to the environment, nature, and to the population of people who live nears these volcanoes. An active volcano is a natural disaster that can make Earth’s most powerful devastation a reality.

Interesting Facts about the Volcano in Washington, Mt Rainer lies in the United States
What makes Mt Rainer one of the most interesting volcanoes in the United States is that many scientists believe it has the potential to provide a massive eruption, and it should be studied further as there are millions of people who populate the local Washington region around Mt Rainer.

Merapi Volcano – Most Interesting Volcano in Indonesia
An Active Volcano that had caused fatalities in 1994 from it’s powerful Pyroclastic Clouds. It’s most devastating eruption was in 1930 when it killed over 1200 people.

Vanuatu Islands – One of the World’s Most Interesting Volcanoes
Has more 80 smile islands over 500 miles. There are volcanic islands and it’s in the Pacific’s ring of fires. The volcanoes are active and can cause cataclysmic eruptions of the volcano. You must get there by boat as there is no way to fly to the Vanuatu Islands volcanoes. It’s in the middle of the Pacific and tough to get there. BaraBara or the turned island is a collapsed crater that was once very active volcano that makes it very interesting. It last erupted back in 1872, it’s a magical island of the earth’s volcano at it’s extreme volcanoes. However, it’s no longer active but it was a massive eruption monster in the past. The people who used to live on this island were very dangerous and only around 100 people currently live there, it is most uninhabitable covered in nature’s forest, trees, and vegetation.

Mt Garrett on Gaua Island is a volatile volcano that can have powerful bursts of volcanic activity. Getting to the island is tougher than most destinations and there aren’t many people who live on this island and there is not much communication from these people to the world at large. This volcano is massive in size and an active volcano that can erupt at anytime. This volcano is on a lake Letas which is over 6 miles long. One of that facts that make this volcano one of the most interesting is that the mixture of water and magma could make the eruption much bigger. It’s almost over ten thousand feet from the ocean floor. It’s a recent active volcano in the center of huge crater. It’s one of the most dangerous volcano in the world and there was tremors in 1973 that had to remove all the people from the town… It’s like living with the constant nightmare that this volcano can erupt at anytime. Flying into a volcano is very dangerous as the cloudy smoke, ash, vapor, and smell can make it almost impossible to see from up above in a airplane. This volcano is a threat to the people and very dangerous that can throw eruption rocks miles in the air. The area around the volcano has tons of ash and acid mud and rocks. There is a ton of magma that cause the water to boil around the volcano and the four craters on the top of Mount Garrett. Pyroclastic cloud are a mix of ash, gas, and projectile particles that move very fast, and will ruins almost everything in it’s path.

Most Interesting Volcano – Chaiten Volcano in Chile
In 2008, this volcano awoke and erupted with ash and volcanic particles sending them blasting into the sky above.

Mount Vesuvius – Most Interesting Volcano
Mt Vesuvius is one of the worlds most interesting volcano as it has brought the worst devastation the world has ever known with a volcano. It was located in Pompei, Italy and erupted in 79 AD. Visiting Mount Vesuvius is an amazingly interesting tourist destination to add to your list when visiting the south of Italy. The town of Pompei was resurrected and you can walk for miles around the ancient city and learn more about their culture. One of the most interesting facts about the Pompei and Mount Vesuvius volcano site is that some of the people of the town are in a cast so you can see them in their final stages before the volcano hit.

Interesting Volcano – Mount Popo in Mexico City, Mexico
Many scientists have predicted popo could erupt and send tons of magma and lava into the populated areas below.

Most Interesting Volcano – Nevada del Ruiz in Columbia
It erupted in 1986 with Pyroclastic lava flowing in a massive fashion causing tons of devastation.

Mount Fuji – Most Interesting Volcano in Japan
Many people have raised concerns for Mount Fuji, especially after the seismic activity from the recent 9.0 Earthquake that shocked the region.

Island of Tanna – Yasur Volcano – One of our Most Interesting Volcanoes
This is the most active volcano in the region. Yassur is the only active volcanoes in the Island of Tanna. For miles, you can see tons of volcanic ash that came from the volcano. There is a great plume that is eerie and rises from the Yasur Volcano. Almost every 27 months, there is volcanic activity on the Yasur volcano. This volcano can bring massively tremendous volcano eruptions even though it’s cone is somewhat small in size, in comparison to our other interesting volcanoes. Powerful Volcanoes will send tons of projectiles into the wind making it very hard to travel above them and review the volcano’s activity. The crater has consistent explosions with magma making this a very scary volcano to travel too. The Lava is so hot it can reach 2100 degrees.

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