Most Amazing Planets and Stars in the Universe

Here`s Most Amazing Planets and Stars in the universe. Compare to some planet, Earth is bigger.Compare to “other planet” Earth is just a stone of sand in the Universe. Lets compare it

ScreenShot001 Most Amazing Planets and Stars in the Universe

Mercury- Mars-Venus- Earth

Mercury is the innermost and smallest planet in the Solar System, the planet circling the Sun once every 87.969 Earth days. Size of mercury is 3031 miles (4878 km) in diameter and the weight is 3.3022×1023 kg or 0.055 Earths

Distance From Mars to Sun is 227940000 kilometers, the diameter is 6,794 kilometers and the mass is 6.4185×1023 kg or 0.107 Earths

Earth is little bigger than Venus and the diameter is 400 miles (644 kilometers) km smaller than Earth ( according to NASA) or 7,520 miles (12,100 kilometers). The mass is around 4.868 5×1024 kg or 0.815 Earth

In our solar system, Earth is 5th largest planet. The diameter is 7926 miles (12756 km) and the mass is 5.9736×1024 kg

Lets compare the earth with these Bigger planets, look How small and insignificant we are

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Neptune is the 8th planet and the farthest planet in our solar system. The diameter is 30,775 miles and the mass is 1.0243×1026 kg or 17.147 times of Earths

Uranus has 31763 miles (51118 km) in diameter and that make the planet 3rd largest planet in our solar system. Total mass of Uranus is (8.6810 ± 0.0013)×1025 kg or 14.536 times Earth

Saturn diameter from the equator is 74900 miles (120540 kilometers) and it is almost 10 times bigger than earth. The total mass is 5.6846×1026 kg 95.152 heavier than Earths


Jupter`s diameter is 142984 km from the equator and the planet is known as the biggest and heaviest planet in our solar system. The exact mass is 1.8986×1027 kg or 317.8 heavier than Earths and 1/1047 mass of Sun


ScreenShot003 Most Amazing Planets and Stars in the Universe

Jupiter, Wolf 356, The Sun, Sirius

Wolf 359
Wolf 359 is a one of the nearest star from our solar system. The temperature is around 2,800 Kelvin and it has stronger magnetic field compare to Sun

Sun or the yellow star is the core of our solar system and it is no doubt that sun is one of source of life for planet earth. The diameter is 1,392,000 km or 109 times bigger than Earth and the mass is 2×1030 kilograms or 330,000 times heavier than Earth

Sirius is one the brightest star at night the mass is 0.06 solar mass ( Solar mass= 1.98892×1030 kg). Sirius is 25X more luminous than the Sun and the size is 2X bigger than Sun.

ScreenShot004 Most Amazing Planets and Stars in the Universe

Sirius, Pollux, Acturus, Aldebaran

Pollux is a bright star in the constellation of Gemini and it is 34 light years away from our planet. The mass is 1.86 Solar mass or 2.3 times heavier than Jupiter

Arcturus is a bright star in the constellation bootes and it is 110x more luminous than Sun and the power is 180x more than Sun. the diameter is 22 millions miles and the mass is 1.5 Solar mass

Aldebaran is a giant star in the constellation of Taurus and it could be find 65.1 light years from earth. The luminosity is 150x than the Sun, the diameter is 44.2 time than Sun (61 million kilometers) and the mass is 1.7 solar mass

ScreenShot005 Most Amazing Planets and Stars in the Universe

Aldebaran-Rigel- Betelgeuse-Antares

Rigel is located at the constellation Orion or around 700 and 900 light-years from earth. The blue super-giant star is 85,000 brighter than Sun, the diameter is 5.45 x 1010 meters and the mass is 17 Solar mass

Betelgeuse is our next biggest stars. The mass is 18–19 solar mass. The luminosity is 180,000 brighter than he Sun

Antares is a star that is located 600 light-years from earth and it is one of the biggest star in our milky way galaxy. The luminosity is 65,000x than sun and the mass is 15-18 Solar mass

ScreenShot006 Most Amazing Planets and Stars in the Universe

Antares-S Doradus-KY Cygni-VV Cephei

S doradus
S Doradus has 100–380 solar diameter ( radius of the sun). the mass is 45 solar mass and the star could be found in Constellation of Dorado or 169,000 light years from Earth

KY Cygni
The diameter of KY Cygni is around 1,420–2,850 solar diameter. The star is 300,000 brighter than sun and it could be found 5,000 light-years from Earth on the constellation Cygnus

VV Cephei
VV Cephei is the 2nd biggest stars that is found in the universe and the diameter is 1,600–1,900 Solar diameter. The mass is around 100 solar mass and it could be found in the Constellation Cepheus or 2,400 light years away from Earth

Vy canis majoris Most Amazing Planets and Stars in the Universe

Vy canis majoris compared with sun

VY Canis Majoris

VY Canis Majoris is very huge star in the Constellation Canis Major. The diameter is 1800-2100 solar diameter or 2.7 billion km across/1.7 billion miles. From this picture. You can see how big the star is. The star is only 4,900 light-years from Earth and the mass is around 30-40 solar mass. It is so big so that we will require 7×1015 Earths to fill the whole volume of VY canis majoris

800px Star sizes Most Amazing Planets and Stars in the Universe

Sizes Comparison- Click to Enlarge

Technology is changing and improving so It is possible that we will find bigger sun than Most amazing planet and stars above

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