Highest Unclimbed Mountains in the World

You can make world`s record once you are recorded as the fist climber who reach the highest point of the mountains below. This is 2 highest unclimbed mountain in the world. The first one is Gingham Puensum .

GangkharPuensum3 Highest Unclimbed Mountains in the World

Gangkhar Puensum

In term of Elevation, Gingham Puensum is the tallest mountain in the world that remains unexplored. The height is 7570 meters or 24,836 feet tall and it is located in Bhutan near China`s border. Since 1994, climbing tall mountains is prohibited. The first reason of prohibition is because the local government respects the local customs who believe that the peaks are sacred sites of holly spirits and second reason, Bhutanese authority could not provide rescue team and resources to accommodate the safe and security of climbers who are willing to take the first chance to step on the peak of the mountain for the first time.

SaserRLRichey 768x1024 Highest Unclimbed Mountains in the World

Saser Kangri

The other unclimbed mountain is Saser Kangri II East which is standing 7,513 meters with prominence 1,450 m4. It is located in the remote area of Kashmir between the border of India and China. Climbing the peak of the mountain is almost impossible and no one have ever tried to reach the top of the mountain and success.

The other highest unclimbed mountain is Labuche Kang III East on Cho Oyu Mountain Complex. It stands 7250 meters high and it is recently reported unclimbed. The Status is unverified and I think you still have a chance to list your name as a man who climbs the mountain for the first time.

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