Top Ten Rock Songs Ever

View our list of the Top Ten Rock Songs Ever. These classic rock songs have influenced all other musicians, artists, and singers alike as well as and generation of music listeners. These rock songs have all it takes to be written down in history as some of the best rock music to ever be recorded. From long and lengthy tracks to short and sweet sounds, these rock tracks bring it on the musical side. Some have memorable lyrics to inspire you, and others blow you away with ripping and roaring guitar solos.

Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen
Born to Run was “The Boss’s” all time top hit and you can’t turn off the radio when you hear those famous intro notes and blaring telecaster guitar from Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band. This song brought inspiration to all young rock musicians and adolescence through it’s powerful chord progression, strong saxaphone solo, and unforgettable lyrics. It brings Bruce to and his fans to the point where it’s do or die and it’s time to get in the car, put the top down, and run until you make it famous.

Layla by Eric Clapton and Derek and the Dominos
Eric Clapton’s hit with Derek and Dominoes focused and brought his heartache and passion and love for Layla, which was George Harrison’s wife at the time. He fell in love and it was a tough moment for Eric Clapton and inspired one of the profound lead Guitar riffs ever written in Layla. Eric later married George Harrison’s wife and what happened to the relationship of the two rock stars remains a mystery to this day. Layla also become more popular when Eric Clapton played the song unplugged on acoustic guitar.

Hotel California by the Eagles
Hotel California brought the Eagles to the top of the charts with their eerie story and rendition of Hotel California. The classic lyrics of “you check in anytime you want, but you can never leave” brought the eerie rock song a sensation of darkness and meeting the devil to the top of your mind. That combined with the chord sequence and ever lasting solo and guitar triplets at the end make Hotel California a staple in rock history and one of the best rock songs ever.

Like A Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan

What’s a rock list without Bob Dylan, the singer-songwriter from the village in New York City showing millions of Artists that you don’t need a powerful singing voice to tell a great folk story and become a rock star. Bob Dylan’s timeless rock songs did it time and time again, but none more so then like a rolling stone.

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones
Arguably the best rock band of all time, and the best song ever, I can’t get no Satisfaction is the hit from the Rolling Stones along with other great hits such as Sympathy for the Devil. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are the epitome of rock star and bring it home with this song. You must give them some respect and they must get some satisfaction from rocking out for over 40 years together as a band.

Walk This Way by Aerosmith
Any rock song that is covered by Run D.M.C and becomes a cross over hip hop jam must top our list for the top Rock songs. Walk this way did just that.

Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry
Johnny B Goode intro guitar riff by Chuck Berry will never be forgotten and was featured Back the Future as the unforgettable scene when Michael J Fox jams the guitar on stage. The song has also be covered by tons of bands including the Greatful Dead, Phish, and many many more.

Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeplin

Stairway to Heaven is another dreary and powerful song, but this long track that brings you through twists and turns, molds from a ballad with a classic introduction on guitar that is one of the most famous learned guitar riffs ever, and then later in the song turns into one of the greatest rock jams ever. “As I wind down the road” and Stairway brings the power chords, Jimmy Page introduces one of the most classic rock solos ever.

Baba O’Riley by The Who

Baby O’Riley changed a generation as Pete Townshend signature guitar arm swing blasted the stratocaster guitar and then ever strong intro loop brings old time rock to new age music where loops and pro tools computer production play a more major role in music’s future.

speaker Top Ten Rock Songs Ever

Imagine by John Lennon
John Lennon touched the nation and our minds with Imagine and all is movements for peace. John Lennon would of turned 70 years old recently if it wasn’t for his tragic death on the Upper West Side of New York. We will always visit imagine sign in Central park and Strawberry fields to commemorate the music and best rock song ever in Imagine

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