Best Guitarists of All Time

View our list of the Best Guitarists of All Time to grace the concert stage. These musicians were ahead of their time and played guitar like they were in another world. Their skills and talent for playing guitar put them in the top of the rock world hall of fame and leave them with their mark as the best guitarists of all time. While these guitarists didn’t just have the ability to hold down a rhythm, they also had a unique technique and lead guitar style that soared their notes from the electric guitar or the acoustic guitar into the mind of the their listeners. They were famous for their bends, their guitar riffs, their knowledge of musical theory and guitar scales and their ability to add vibrato, pull offs, hammer ons, triplets, sound effects, and more amazing guitar riffs and techniques to their music their guitar sound unique and special.

What also make someone one of the best guitarists of all time is is their guitar tone. Finding a long lasting and original guitar tone is one of the toughest parts of creating a unique guitar sound, and these guitars found their unique guitar sound and guitar tone through their mixture of their type of guitar, their guitar strings, and then combine that with their pre-amps, sound board, and guitar amps. Some of these guitarists definitely need guitar techs to help them with their guitar technology and patch together their guitar wires and guitar rig to make it their own and stand out among the other guitar players.

Best Rock Guitarist of All Time
Jimmy Page
Jeff Beck
Ritchie Blackmore
Yngwie Malmsteen

Best Blues Guitarists of All Time
Eric Clapton
Jimi Hendrix
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Chuck Berry
BB King

Best Jazz Guitarists of All Time
Django Reinhart
Wes Montgomery
Pat Metheny
Allan Holdsworth
John Scofield

Best Guitarists Use of Melody and Scales
Steve Vai
Eric Johnson
Joe Satraini

Best Jamming and Improvising Guitarist of All Time
Trey Anastasio
Jerry Garcia
Duane Allman

Best Hard Rock Guitarist of All Time
James Hatfield
Eddie Van Halen

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