Top Sci-Fi Movies of All Time

Science Fiction films ask the question of what if and include special effects. Sci fi is about imagining the future and learning more about the now. View our list of the best science fiction movies of the century and all time. These top sci-fi movies have wowed us in more ways then one bring 3D special effects, amazing sound tracks, computer generated graphics or CGI, and more to allow us to enter the alternate reality that is sci-fi! You can see more of the characters of these movies at the classic sci-fi conference called Comic Con

Close Encounters of the Third Kind
500 dollar film from Steven Spielberg when he was 16 years old. It was called Firelight and 13 years after he re-wrote with a massive budget and called close encounters of the third kind. One of the best films and most classic sci fi movie of our time. It brought a great sound track from the aliens and music that lasted for a long time. The aliens were casted with 8 year old girls in rubber suits.

The Matrix
The Matrix with Keanu Reeves brought some of the coolest special effects. Larry and Andrew Andrew Wachowski developed the bullet moving n slow motion which was copied many times over. The 360 camera made a transcendent move forward in Science Fiction movies with mind bending spoons, Orhpeus played by Lawrence Fishborne. The Matrix sound effects and stadium sound were a hit amount home movie and home theater watchers across the globe with it’s imagery, sound, and special effects. It had a future where nothing was true and it was plugged into the computer where you can plug yourself into the computer matrix. It questions the basics of real and reality.

In the world of Pandora, there were the blue people and us who were trying to kill them and steal their precious nature and land. The Avatar movie included breath taking 3d effects, action, sci-fi imagination and messages about the American involvement in the middle east and issues we’re dealing with in our environment. This was the most expensive movie ever producted at 300 million dollars by James Cameron gross more than 2 Billion dollars. The dvd and bonus dvd reached records and every piece of the movie took hours to make.. James Cameron is working on Avatar 2, and Avatar 3.

ET was Steven Spielbergs second sci fi movie with a young Drew Barrymore and the alien ET who is the sweet alien and memorable voice which was a 67 year old women and others combined. You can never forget ET wanting to phone home and riding the bike into the moon in the classic scene where the boy and ET lift off. Great music and the sound ttrack let us believe what was out there. Reece’s Pieces were product placed into the movie and helped the advertising sponsorship sales of the candy and this was a Sci Blockbuster

Star Wars
Star wars was a hit when it was released in 1977, a change in the way people used to watch movies and it was designed to leave a major impact with the soap opera in space. It included Chubaka and tons of creatures, Dark Vader, and pieced together a major movie. The Robots were not working properly and the outfits were tough to wear, but the dialogue and the script by George Lucas brought some special feature. Harrison Ford played the main role and it lifted his career ten fold. He won the part over Kurt Russell, and the casting made this movie special. The licensing of the movie products from the movie has brought over 2 Billion dollars. All 6 of the star wars movies are coming out on Blue DVD and expected to sell Star wars even more into the Sci-Fi movie all time list hall of fame.

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