Top Movie Musicals of All Time

View the list of the top movie musicals of all time. Bringing music into film was a big deal when it came around and it capture the hearts of music goers all over the globe. These top musicals will go down in history as some of the best musicals to hit the movies.

West Side Story
The Romeo and Juliet story in the streets of new york city. A gang of snapping jets was edgy with street gangs and boys and girls who crossed ethnic races was cutting edge. It brought gangs and love to the music. Elvis Presley turned down the roll of Tony as he didn’t want to be associate with violence. It still won 10 academy awards. West side story went on to have a great career and successful hit show as broadway musical.

Singing in the Rain
Singing the rain brings the movie make believe and musical to the big screen. The great singing scene with the man singing and dancing in the rain created a new studio scene of fun to the movie musical. Gene Kelly was sick in the movie but still made the movie and made movie musicals popular.

With John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, the songs and scenes were so amazing and sweet. It was good acting along with music and Olivia wasn’t sure if she could act the part. John Travolta was a tv and movie musical sensation in Greece as the bad boy. He wasn’t the best singer, but the perfect male role for the part. Sandy turned a greecer by the end of the movie. Greese went on to have a great career and successful hit show as broadway musical.

Wizard of OZ
with somewhere over the rainbow taking over the charts, even know the song almost didn’t even make the charts. Judy Garland laughed about it and the studio didn’t want her singing in a barn. The dog teddy was a classic dog to be remember along with the small people. Songs like we’re off to see the wizard. The lolly pop kids of the munchkins brought everyone ot munchkin land

High School Musical
If we fast forward to modern day musicals, these movies with great music and songs are still very popular in pop culture. Take Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens who were casted Troy and Gabriella, two high school kids who fall in love also fell in love off the screen. It was movies like high school music movie that inspired the hit TV show Glee on fox and has had tons of the hit music songs topping the music charts.

Sound of Music
The long movie with the scenery and the soprano sounds of Julie Andrews. So long farewall song and these kids escaping the nazis and learning to sing. The girls were beautiful and helping the little girls sing. They climb over the alps mountains to escape the nazis, the main actor was against working on this movie as there were too many kids and went on to make over 1 billion. It’s still one of the best musical today and sound of music songs and music is still sung by mobs of people all over the world. The sound of music is definitely charming and one of the most beautiful musicals of all time.

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