Most Funny Movies of All Time

View a list of the most funny movies of all time. If you love comedy movies, then you’ll enjoy this great list of funny movies and comedies that will last forever in our minds and continue to makes us laugh. If you haven’t seen these funny movies yet, rent these movies or get them on Netflix to watch some of the greatest and funniest movies of our time.

The funny movie with Dustin Hoffman where dresses up as Michael Dorsey dresses up as a women and gets in trouble. Dustin Hoffman drove the director nuts but it came out perfect

Young Frankenstein
The movie in black in white had slap stick comedy. It was so funny and mel brooks most funny movie. It was afraid to be dumb and borderline absurd

The Naked Gun
Leslie Nielson does these movies so funny with his serious and funny sense of humor making Naked Gun series of movies the best and most funny movies in our century.

Monty Python and the holy grail
The funny knights quest in the castle makes a joke of war in the olden days. The script is wonderful and funny and king runs into peasants and has a funny dialogue that makes the movie so original and funny. The movie was made for only 365k so there weren’t any real horses which made it so funny and it made over 127 million dollars and created a Broadway musical from it.

Some Like it Hot
A mob hit in black in white comes out in 1959 with Tony Curtis in Drag combined with Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lovitt. Very funny drag queens takes over the world It was racy and condemned for its content of the day. Marlyn Monroe is so beautiful that Tony Curtis wowed himself from kissing her. She truly shined with her singing and breathtaking voice. Marilyn was dealing with problems of her own, but the film was her release and she hit in right on with this movie.

Half Baked
The movie that took over the youthful nation with Dave Chappelle and propelled him to super stardom. All actors in Half Baked have had successful comedy careers since the movie. The funny movie involved a bunch of drug addicted fools getting stoned, ordering food, and and being foolish. It will forever be one of the funny movies of all time.

The Hangover
The Hangover is the modern day funny movie that this generation of kids, teenagers, and even the older generation will never forget! The story of a man about to get married and attends Las Vegas for his bachelor party a few days before. They wake up one day only to forget last nights events and spend the day trying to find their friend and piece together the events from the night before. This one will make you laugh and has cameos from Mike Tyson, Heather Grahm, and more. This was almost a coming out party for Bradley Cooper who has gone on to star in many more movies and develop The Hangover 2.

Chevy Chase and Rodney Dangerfield stole the scene and Biill Murry added some humor to one of our all time favorite funny movies. CaddyShack is one that should be on your DVD list forever. Famous and funny quotes for golfers for years to come such as “I never slice” will last for years to come on Golf Courses around the globe for years to come. Caddyshack brings a bunch of bad golfers to a golf club and watches them all have a debacle of a time.

During the filming, no one was told to smile so they casted serious actors like Leslie Nielsen to make it serious and this was the first major comedy for them. So they decided to make it funny to make funny of themselves and to be themselves. Neilson was getting everything to laugh and had some a funny sense of humor different from all actors. They took the movie zero hour and Julie Haggerty and Robert Hayes really shined in this movie. They make out on the beach as the water comes over them with a catfish, just a classic funny movie for the ages. Barbara Billingsly adds some funny jive talk with the brothers on the airplane and pushed all of the actors over the edge to another level. It was truly a special movie and funny movie for the ages and the funniest movie of all time.

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