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View the most interesting facts about Animation, computer animation, CGI or computer graphics and how animation and animated movies are changing the way we see the world. Animation really got big in the movie theaters when movie producers began to leverage the power of computers and CGI to enhance a scene. Animation can put a Gladiator in the Colosseum with Lions and Tigers attacking and make it look very real, animation can make you feel as if you are really in a car chase or on a plane and it’s become very popular in movies.

Even in computers 3D Animation has evolved in screensavers, wallpapers, and using in many websites and flash web designs. Animation is growing and so are animated movies. After Shrek hit it big time in the movies, tons of other movies took to the animated cartoon movies such as Toy Story, How to Train a Dragon, and they have done very well with the family audience.

In the coming years, we expect more big blockbuster movies to include animation, CGI or computer graphics interfaces, and animated cartoons will continue to get even bigger as 3D evolves in movie theaters across the world.

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