Best Kiss in the Movies

Find the best kiss in the movies where the passion, power, filming, and romance set these kisses apart from the rest and leave a long lasting impression on the views. Enjoy our list for the top kiss of all time in the movies. A kiss needs to be more than just a peck or a smooch, these kisses bring emotion and spirit to the movies and blur the lines between make believe and reality.

Popular Movie Kisses:

Its a wonderful life



8 mile kiss

A kiss couldn’t last more than 3 seconds in hollywood in the old days and now the kissing rules have changed from the kiss of death… A sexy kiss can make or break a movie.

The Notebook
The kiss in the notebook with Rachael McAdams and Ryan Gossling captured the hearts of America with their romantic and powerful kiss in the rain. After spending a tremendous amount of time apart, the two meet back up on the docks for one of the best and most memorable kiss in the movies.

Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman kiss was so amazing and powerful because they knew they couldn’t stay together. Off screen, they didn’t really even know each other.

Officer and a Gentlemen
He is an officer and the kiss was a so special in a ending with Richard Gere when he saves his girlfriend from the factory and grabs her in his arms.

Lady and the Tramp
While this kiss was a cartoon movie and animation, it was still so cute with the spaghetti that the two dogs kiss in a cute way. It was parodied many times over and used in tons of the movies with the spaghetti

From here to eternity
Based on a novel that was so over the top, it almost wasn’t made, it was a sexual kiss on the sand with the beautiful girl and man. The beach is in Hawaii and a tourist destination for people to go and relive the kiss.

Gone with the Wind
When he says kiss me, it’s a powerful sexual tension and a lot of emotion and passion that has been waiting and holding on for a long time. It was so sensual as it set a new way of kissing in the movies.

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