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  • Weather Channel is a free Android App that lets you have the Weather right at your fingertips. Check the weather instantly on your Android Phone and view the 10 day forecast hoping for some nice weather coming up soon.
  • Google Sky Map is a free Android app that lets you learn more about the nights sky. It’s like having the knowledge of the world beyond you at your fingertips. One of the most interesting android apps as it educates you on the stars and more in the sky. It can tell you which stars above you form a constellation make the world your own planetariu,
  • Astrid is a very interesting free To Do List Android app that helps you organize your life on your Andoid Phone. Simply list all the tasks and enter your to list in a flash to help you get through your day.
  • For great games on the Android phone, try Robo Defense Android App for free and keep your enemy at bay by not letting them get across your screen. It’s a fun and very interesting game for keeping your mind going on your android phone.
  • One of the most interesting Android music and video apps is Qik. Qik is like the wave of the future of broadcasting, where anyone can broadcast music or video onto their phone and expose it to the web. It kind of creates a world of live TV, but allows people to connect their videos to the world at large or their family in different places of the world. Simply broadcast and record your video on your capatible Android phone for the rest of the world to see.
  • Another interesting music App for Android is Slacker Radio which competes with Pandora to let you listen to Free Music Radio on your Android phone.
  • If you’re a sports fan and used to go to baseball games and keep a scorecard to always remember the player stats and keep for your records, or if you’re a parent who loves to track your childs stats on the baseball field, one of the most interesting android apps for you will be ESPN iScore Baseball where you can easily track and keep score of stats on your Android Phone.
  • Get a free paid Android App at the Amazon AppStore for Android. Amazon is entering the Android Market with steam offering free paid Android Apps to users.
  • If you want to save money on your data usage, try APNdroid Android App for helping improve your Internet connections on your Android Phone
  • PdaNet Android App is the most interesting communication Android App as it helps to connect to internet using your Android phone’s mobile connection
  • If you’re looking to update your Android Wallpaper on your home screen of your Android Phone, Try the Backgrounds Android App. This is one of the most amazing apps for Android that will allow you set your background on your Android phone with over 10,000 Android Mobile Wallpapers.
  • The most interesting finance app on the Android market is Currency Converter Android App which will allow you view and get data on the current exchange rates. If you travel abroard, this is a must have finance app for Android.
  • If you think you have a good IQ, try Math Maniac to test your Math Skills on your Android Phone.
  • Look for the WebMD of the mobile Android Market, try one of the most interesting health apps for Android with iTriage which has a massive amount of health information to help you make your diagnosis and keep you healthy.
  • Looking for the best android app to guide you through the shopping season, then try NewEgg App for Android or great reviews on products to improve your shopping experience by using your Android Phone
  • More Interesting Apps for Android Including, Facebook for Android, Foursquare Android App, WordPress for Android, Google Goggles,, for Android, Google Maps Navigation App, Meebo IM App.

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