Interesting Facts on Love

Find Interesting Facts on Love, including Love information, opinions, facts and resources. Love is complicated and complex and everyone feels love with another person differently. Love has stages from infatuation to falling in love, and being in love. It provides the full ecstasy of your being and a sense of fullness and feeling complete. Love is special, love is dear, love is true and important in the lives of all beings.

Here are the most interesting facts about love:

  • Love is blind
  • More people fall in love with a long time friend over love at first sight
  • Love happens fast and the closer people are in distance, the bigger chances that they’ll fall in love, even if a marriage is in the way
  • People who are married for many years have different kind of love for each other… the love of being able put up with each other!
  • Love reduces stress on your body and soothes your mind
  • The word Love is one of the most used lyrics in music songs
  • Most people can tell if they’ll be able to fall in love with another person at first sight as in order for love to happen, there needs to be attraction
  • Two great song quotes with love are “All you need love” and ”
    Love lifts you up where we belong, where eagles fly”
  • A new love is found on the internet every second
  • In addition to reducing stress at times, love can also cause the opposite and cause more stress, especially if things don’t go as planned
  • A break up and broken heart with another lover is almost as bad on your body as a real personal injury, love is that strong to your mind and body
  • Most of the time, Love doesn’t end until a new love begins
  • Many people in love kiss with their head turned right as opposed to their head turned left, therefore, right is more loving
  • People in love always look back when you separate
  • Having a family intensifies love, a love for one’s family is above all else
  • People don’t always mean they love you, when they say “I Love You”
  • Love is a puppy or baby on your belly
  • Someone people really think they’ve fallen in love with their pet as it becomes one of the family
  • Love is precious and must be kept close and held dear
  • Love conquers all

Add love facts and anything interesting about love in our comments section. Be happy, give love and receive love and your life shall be more fulfilled.

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