Top 5 Greenest Cities in the World

Here’s the list of greenest cities in the world. Climate change into something that is now being debated. In order to maintain continuity of the earth as a habitable planet for human beings, the produce and use of green energy have to be considered for present and future use. Several cities in the world even have tried to make their city as a green city with energy use really pure from nature without exploiting the nature. It’s a great idea Moving to one of these cities and enjoy the environmental friendly life in one of those greenest cities in the world.

5. Vancouver, Canada

The city recently trusted to held the cold season Olympic that carries the theme of sustainable or sustainability. It’s implemented by the using of electronic waste as a medal, build the stadium which is very “green”. But this is not just a business because of the winter olympics. Vancouver has been implemented the green city concept since quite long time ago. 90% of electricity needs for this town is supplied by hydroelectric, wind, solar, wave and tidal energy. It has been used extensively to keep the green environment in this city.

greenest cities in the world Vancouver Canada Top 5 Greenest Cities in the World

Vancouver, Canada

4. Malmo, Sweden

This is one of the international city that focus on green space. It’s not just famous for their gardens, but also for their sustainable urban development. It’s one of the largest cities in Sweden and really beautiful city. They have changed their environment to be environment friendly area.

In this city you will find a lot of people cycling in the city because many roads built specifically for those who are cycling. This town really appreciate their green sky and did not want them to be polluted. Today approximately 20% of the population of Malmo are from various countries, making it the most cosmopolitan city in Sweden with various new Movers from other country. This has contributed to a rich cultural life and the opportunity to enjoy many delicious and exotic food. The environment friendly city has replaced the old industrial city.

greenest cities in the world Malmo Sweden Top 5 Greenest Cities in the World

Malmo, Sweden

3. Curitiba, Brazil

Curitiba is a city in southern Brazil and the capital of Paraná State since 1854. The city was founded in 1654 as a gold mining camp. The population of the city is 1.8 million (2007 estimate). From the early 19th century, have received many immigrants from Germany, Italy, and Poland, and immigration continues to take place during the 20th century with the arrival of Syria and Japan, as well as a massive entry from rural areas.

The city has lots of green spaces such as parks and botanical gardens that are very beautiful. Some examples of those are Alemão Bosque, Bosque de Portugal, Italiano Bosque, Bosque do Papa, Gomm Bosque, Bosque Gutierrez Bosque Imbuia Capão da, da Fazendinha Bosque, Bosque Boa Vista, Bosque Reinhard Maack, Bosque Vista Alegre, Jardim Botânico, Memorial Ucraniano, Barigüi Parque, Parque Tanguá, Tingüi Parque, Parque das Pedreiras, Parque do Passaúna, Parque São Lourenço, Parque do Iguacu e Zoo, Parque da Barreirinha, Parque dos Tropeiros, Parque do Bacacheri, Basseio Publico, Unilivre, and Vilinha. The city is focused to become the greenest city and the residents advised to leave their cars at home.

greenest cities in the world Curitiba Brazil Top 5 Greenest Cities in the World

Curitiba, Brazil

2. Portland, Oregon, United States

This home of the NBA team Portland Blazzers is being actively and intensively clean up the environment and welcomed the new green environment to live. Although many cities in the U.S. now prefer to use the fast lane, this is the first city to focus on alternatives to the light rail transit and an extensive network of bicycle lanes to encourage people to leave their cars at home. Portland is also one of the first cities that pledged to reduce emissions and begin the transition to build using sustainable materials.

greenest cities in the world Portland Oregon United States Top 5 Greenest Cities in the World

Oregon, United States

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland, a country that is very close to the north pole. It has been using green pattern for the city in which 100% of electricity supply in for the city is using hydroelectricity and geothermal energy, transportation systems also have very green hydrogen buses, the greenest city in europe and the world. And city with the cleanest and blue sky in the entire earth. This city only received four hours of heat in winter and a very bright night in winter, it is due to geographical location that is very close to the north pole. The increasing number of industries and also the concept of a green city, make the city attract many environmentalist and other people to visit or to just get some fresh air on vacation. You can prepare your Storage and move here as well if you’re interested to enjoy fresh air with blue sky everyday.

greenest cities in the world Reykjavik Iceland Top 5 Greenest Cities in the World

Reykjavik, Iceland

Do you want to move to one of those greenest cities in the world?

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