Top 4 Most Expensive Magazines in the World

Here’s a list of most expensive magazines in the world. These magazines is becoming the most expensive because of their depth analysis and the exclusivity. The subscription of these magazines is so expensive that You will think many times to buy one of them. So Let’s take a look at those most expensive magazines in the world.

4. Wilmott: $650 for 6 Editions

Published in England, Wilmott magazine offers information about the latest research, innovative financial models, in depth review and analysis. Of course, you may need to be a PhD in financial mathematics to understand the contents. Each issue size of eleven inches square, providing you a feeling that you’re holding a copy of the textbook of a teacher, with all the answers in the margins extended. Each customer is only paying $ 325 for subscriptions for a year, while the institutions pay $ 650. Subscribers to this expensive magazine also inaugurated Wilmott Book Club, giving them a discount on many quantitative finance and books of other popular science.

most expensive magazines in the world Wilmott Top 4 Most Expensive Magazines in the World


3. FINE Exclusive: €500 / $679.45 for yearly edition

FINE Magazine, The headquarter is in Finland, published an exclusive wine magazine distributed to more than eighty five countries through carefully selected partner. Their major magazines, including some areas like FINE Magazine and FINE Champagne , the magazine is not available for subscription, but digital copies can be purchased through their website. FINE Exclusive, on the other hand, is only available through subscription and even then you’ll need an invitation to get it.

most expensive magazines in the world Fine Exclusive Top 4 Most Expensive Magazines in the World

Fine Exclusive

2. Nomenus Quarterly – $6,500 for 1 Edition

Nomenus Quarterly magazine created for photographs, paintings and other artworks that are not published. While the normal price of about $ 2500 for one issue, magazine founder, editor, and photographer, Erik Madigan Heck, has increased the price of the seventh issue of $ 6500 while reducing the circulation of the fifty copies to less than ten. Apart from Heck, the contents of other magazines made by Anselm Kiefer, Lucian Freud, Adam Fuss, Costume Institute, and is dedicated to Ann Demeulemeester men’s clothing.

most expensive magazines in the world Nomenus Quarterly Top 4 Most Expensive Magazines in the World

Nomenus Quarterly

1. Kohl: $10,000 for 1 edition

Kohl is the only lifestyle magazine and fashion for women in the United Arab Emirates, the magazine is targeted at the expatriate women in Asia. Publisher ITP join Damas, a UAE jewelry store, creating stunning bejeweled cover for an issue of the most expensive magazine in the world. The cover, featuring sexy Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif, is made by hand with 91 grams of gold and 622 diamonds. Gold leaf is applied by hand as part of an 86 hour process of making.

most expensive magazines in the world Kohl Top 4 Most Expensive Magazines in the World


Do You want to own one of those magazine? or Just read it? I guess You don’t want to read Wilmott if You’re not an quantitative Mathematics expert icon smile Top 4 Most Expensive Magazines in the World

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