American Idol Finalists – Season 10 – 2011

Find out who is most likely to be an American Idol Finalists in Season 10. In 2011, American Idol has brought great talent to the world on Fox and these Idols should be a finalist in the TV show. Even though voting on american idol has been wacky this year with Pia Toscano getting voted off in ninth place. Pia was one of the best female singers on the show and it was a shock to see her get voted. Still, there is a ton of great talent and awesome singers in American Idol Season 10. If you missed the recent american idol results or even last nights results on the show, it’s ok as we are betting these american idols will be a finalist this season.

In our vote, the best american idols in season and show be in the show finale are James Durbin and Scotty McCreery. While there are great singers, these two American Idol contestants should compete as a finalist in this years show. The reason being that these two singers are the most authentic to their craft and their style. They are almost already artists in the eyes of the judges and the contestants. While Scotty Mccreery is an underdog and it’s unexpected to see him as a finalist, he should be in the finale due to his authenticity and the fact that there are millions of country fans out there. Yes Lauren is a country singer too, but we believe Lauren’s inexperience and the fact that she comes off a little too young may not let her reach the finale. If she comes out of her shell, you could see Lauren Alaina in the finals of American Idol season 10 as well.

In American Idol Season 10 in 2011, James Durbin, the rocker has the most raw talent in the tv show on Fox. For one, he is very confident and we hope he doesn’t go over the top to be cocky. It’s important that he listens to his peers to get good advice and improve his singing and performance ability as James Durbin could be the winner of the American Idol Season 10 season. While it’s good to stick to his style and what he feels with the best, however, if he keeps blowing off Jimmy Iovine on National Television, one of these days he is going to make the wrong decision and choose the wrong song as no artist is good enough to just power through with no mistakes. However, if listens to Jimmy Iovine, Stephen Tyler, Randy Jackson, JLo and the rest of the team, he should be a contender and a finalist in American Idol this season.

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