Top 7 Most Popular Clashes on the ocean

Here`s 7 most popular wars on sea or accident on the ocean.I title this post, top 7 most popular clashes on the ocean.

1. Freedom Flotilla vs. Israeli Defense Forces

1 Freedom Flotilla vs. Israeli Defense Forces Top 7 Most Popular Clashes on the ocean

1 Freedom Flotilla vs. Israeli Defense Forces

A Clash between freedom flotilla ship and Israeli defense forces was one of the most popular news in 2010. On that time, From Istanbul, Freedom Flotilla carried 380 people and tons of food supplies for people in Gaza. Before reaching Gaza, The ship was stopped by Israeli defense and navy forces on may 31st. Because of the conflict, 9 activist dead and 60 other people were wounded.

2. Defeat of the Spanish Armada

2 Defeat of the Spanish Armada Top 7 Most Popular Clashes on the ocean

Spanish Armada VS British Armada

In July 28, 1588, a Spanish Catholic,King Phillip II sent 30,000 troops to attack England that was ruled by ,his Protestant half-sister, Queen Elizabeth I. Spanish armada outnumbered the English defense forces but unfortunately, that day, invisible forces of the ocean isĀ  leaning on the British side. When Spanish armies led to England`s coast, a Strong North Atlantic storms blocked and fell huge number of Spanish ships down to the rocky Irish coast. From 30k armies that king Phillip II had sent, only 10,000 of them who managed to return to Spain

3. Ship Vs Iceberg: The RMS Titanic

3 Ship v. Iceberg The RMS Titanic Top 7 Most Popular Clashes on the ocean

Titanic VS Ice berg

on April 10, 1912, RMS Titanic voyage to New York city through Atlantic ocean.That time, RMS Titanic was recorded as the biggest and the most advance passenger steamship in the world. There was nothing can stop this huge ship until it met a giant block of ice in the Atlantic ocean. In the midnight of April 14, the story and fate of RMS Titanic ended and took 2,223 live of passengers with them.

4 Sinking of the ROKS Cheonan Top 7 Most Popular Clashes on the ocean

ROKS cheonan

4 Sinking of the ROKS Cheonan

Before it sunk, ROKS Cheonan was a South Korean Pohang-class corvette of the Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN). On March 26,2010, when the ship was stationed at the western coast border in the Yellow Sea, a burst of fire hit near the tail of the ship and it was so strong so that it split the 1,200 tonnes ship into two chunk of steal.46 crews found dead and it was suspected that North Korean`s torpedo was the cause of the accident.

5. US Navy vs. Somali Pirates

5 US Navy vs. Somali Pirates Top 7 Most Popular Clashes on the ocean

US navy vs Somali Pirates

On April 7, 2009, Somalian pirates attacked an American cargo ship, the Maersk Alabama, after the ship was outrun by the Somalian`s ship. To save the Cargo`s ship crews, captain Richard Phillips gave his life as a hostage and he was taken by 4 pirates with pistols and AK-47. Luckily, before the captain brought out of the ship,Snipers from the Navy destroyer USS Bainbridge killed 3 kidnappers. This historical story inspired Kevin Spacey to film it

6. Battle of Midway

6 Battle of Midway Top 7 Most Popular Clashes on the ocean

Midway battle

the Midway Atoll was an important refueling station in the center of vast Pacific ocean and Japanese knew how strategic the Midway atoll was.After 6 months attacking of Pearl Harbor, Japanese attacked this location and they had to face with US Navy force who defend it. in June 1942, 4 days of battles had exploded between Japan against US. Unlike in Pearl Harbor, US navy was ready for the battle. The Japanese failed to get the island and they lost 4 aircraft carriers ,one heavy cruise and 2,000 armies. At US side, they lost 300 soldiers, 1 U.S. aircraft carrier, and one destroyer

7. Gulf of Tonkin Incident

7 Gulf of Tonkin Incident Top 7 Most Popular Clashes on the ocean


on August 2, 1964, 3 Vietnamese torpedo boats attacked the USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin and then, it sparked maritime clashes between Vietnamese navy and US Navy. Because of lack of technology on the Vietnam side, 4 Vietnamese deaths and terrible damage hit the sea crafts. In other side, US navy had no casualties and view damage on the naval vessels

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