The Strongest Girl in the World

This post will discuss an interesting info about the strongest girl in the world. If you curious to find out who is the strongest girl in our planet, you will get the answer here. First thing to remember, the girl is not as big as big Hulk Hogan or muscular as Mike Tyson. She is only 19 years old at this moment and she lives thousand miles away from United States.

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Varya Akulova

strongest girl 003 The Strongest Girl in the World


Her name is Varya Akulova and she holds a nickname “Girl Hercules”. Varya Akulova was born 10 january 1992 in Krivoy Rog .On her present age, she has listed her name on the Guinness book of world record twice. The cool thing about the girl is she can lift 350kg of weight behind her back while her total weight is only 40kg. She become the strongest girl in the world not because of her own weight but because of her fantastic will-power, fiber elastic-like tendon, strong bones and long hours daily physical training with her father.


strongest girl 005 The Strongest Girl in the World

Varya Akulova

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Varya Akulova

In her school, Varya is a smart female student in her class. Her father balances her physical training with academic studies and it works seamlessly. From the outside, Varya, the current strongest girl in the world, is not different than any common female student in the school. The only different thing about her is guys do not mess with her and she is really good at Sports.


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