The Oldest Baby in the World-26 years old Baby

Have you ever seen a 26 years old baby around your city? If you never find one, I introduce you Jerly Lyngdoh, The oldest baby in the world, a son of a farmer family in Meghalaya, Northern India. His body size is only 2 feet 9 inch or 84 cm high and his head is never growing more than a head of average 2 years old toddler. The only adult character he has is his adult teeth, when he opens his mouth, you will see an adult teeth construction inside.

jerlylyngdoh oldest baby in the world The Oldest Baby in the World 26 years old Baby

Jery Lyng Doh

Jerly`s body is 22 pound and his behavior is same as the other 2 years old toddler around his neighborhood. His Mental, his speaking ability, his gestures, his reactions, and his clothing, has showed that he is a 26 years old adult who has been trapped inside a 2 years old body that apparently will be running for the rest of his life.

oldest baby in the world The Oldest Baby in the World 26 years old Baby

oldest baby in the world

No cure for his condition, No treatment can be applied to heal him, and No doctor  knows how to speed his physical and mental growth. According to medics, Jerly Lyngdoh, who is currently titled as the oldest baby ever,  suffers a rare pituitary symptom called pan-hypo pituitarism which makes his growth hormones secreted from his own pituitary gland. This unfortunate condition is the contrary of progeria abnormality where the victims are aging faster.

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