Fastest 1 million Twitter Follower in the world

This post will inform you the celebrity who has a million twitter followers faster than any celebrities or person in the world. Around a week ago, Guinness book officially renew their entry with a new record that was made by Charlie Sheen, fastest 1 million twitter followers. Out of his downside life as drug user and porn addict, Charlie has approved everyone that he is still one of most loveable actor in the world.

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In less than 26 hours, he has been followed by a million followers and the number is growing every hour. Charlie open twitter account in March 1st, 2011 with Twitter@charliesheen and in view minutes, his twitter account was followed by 60,000 fans. Charlie event did not have to update any message to get these followers.

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In 25 hours plus 17minutes, Charlie Sheen twitter account is followed by more than a million other twitter users around the world. This record was verified by Guinness world record and their analysis team to ensure there are no robotic tricks on it. According to Guinness world community, Dan Barret, Charlie sheen followers are genuine. This record is the easiest record that Charlie has gained to be listed in the Book of Guinness world. The Guinness record is new upsides resume of Charlie seen.

Charlie Sheen Twitter Fastest 1 million Twitter Follower in the world



I think this fastest 1 million twitter follower record will make his name stay longer on the position of America’s or World’s most expensive TV star at US$ 1.25 million per episode.

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