5 Weirdest Wars in the world

These 5 wars are unique and never happened in any country . Here`s 5 weirdest wars in the world ever

5. Quickest War in the world: The Anglo-Zanzibar War-40 minutes long

war 1 5 Weirdest Wars in the world
On 27 August 1896, a war between the United Kingdom and Zanzibar happened and the conflict only lasted 40 minutes after British ultimatum.The reason of the war was the deceased of Sultan Hamad bin Thuwaini that was pro- British and the taking over of Sultan Khalid bin Barghash. The ultimatum was started at 09:00 on 27 August and the fire ceased 40 minute later where 500 pro-sultan Khalid were killed and 1 British sailor injured. On that war, British used 3 cruisers, 2 gunships, 900 Zanzibar peoples and 150 marines forces and sailors.

6. The Pig War (1859)
war 2 5 Weirdest Wars in the world

The war was set off by the shooting of a pig on San Juan Islands which was the boundary of American and British authorities on North American mainland. The Pig war was also called the Pig Episode or the Pig and Potato War. the only “casualty” of the war was only the pig and that make the conflict considered as the bloodless war in America

5. 335 years of war with 0 casualties (1651–1986)

war 3 5 Weirdest Wars in the world

335 years of war

The war was a conflict between Netherlands and the Isles of Scilly (a territory on southwest coast of the England). There was no single bullet fired in 335 years and no mayor casualties ever reported during the long time war. The war was officially ended in 1986 when a peace agreement was signed

4. Emu War/ The Great Emu War (1932)
war 4 5 Weirdest Wars in the world

The Emu War was one week-long war between Australia`s army and Emus in November 1932. There were over populated Emus that were responding to shortages of food and water in Western Australia. The Australian`s army was led by Major Meredith of the Royal Australian Artillery, and each soldiers were armed with two Lewis machine guns and 10,000 rounds of ammunition. The war was not as fast as expected and it was ended after one week. During the war only 20,000 emus were killed

5. The Football War
war 5 5 Weirdest Wars in the world
The Football War or known as La guerra del fútbol, in Spanish, or also known as the 100-hours War, was a 5 day war between El Salvador and Honduras in 1969. The weird war was triggered by political conflicts and immigration issue between 2 countries.

This conflict fired up during the second North American qualifying round of FIFA World Cup in 1970. The Salvadoran army released an attack to Honduras on 14 July 1969.

The Organization of American States managed a truce between 2 countries which took effect on 20 July. El Salvador passed 1970 FIFA World Cup qualifying, but they finally failed on a Group Stage qualifying

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