10 Greatest Soldiers in the world

Wars and soldiers are 2 things that always will be in the history of human race. Although War is unwanted, we cant deny that it was needed. They did war to defend their country or to occupy other territory. Here`s 10 greatest soldier in the world ever recorded. If you have your own greatest soldier name you can mention it on the comment box

10. Richard 1 (The Lion Heart)

Richard coeur de lion 10 Greatest Soldiers in the world

King Richard

Richard I ruled England in 1189 until 1199. He is known for his bravery, war strategy, and great influenced. He took an important role in crusade and he was also conquering Cyprus and Turkey when he lived


spartacus 10 Greatest Soldiers in the world


Spartacus was just a slave who owned skill more than an ordinary slave. He almost never lost in gladiatorial combats, he master a good strategy to win wars in huge number of armies and last, he could influenced hundred of peoples to fight the Roman Empire.


Saladin the Victorious 10 Greatest Soldiers in the world


Saladin was a famous name in the third crusade. As a Muslim general, he was renown for his intelligent, skill of combat and negotiations. King Richard knew him well and he considered him as one of his most respected enemy. The greatest thing of Saladin is he was taking city of Jerusalem back from Cristian in the 3rd crusade

7. Lieutenant Audie Murphy

Audie Murphy 2 10 Greatest Soldiers in the world

Audie Murphy

His career rose in the World war 2 and he faced hundreds of dangerous mission during the war.Life magazine, in July,1945, put his image on their first cover to respect his great contribution in the wars. He was awarded many medal of honors and he bade his own life to get it

6. Miyamoto Musashi

Miyamoto Musashi 10 Greatest Soldiers in the world

Miyamoto Musashi

He was mastering Kenjutsu and he was one of the best Samurai expert in a history of Japan. History recorded that he had involved in 60 deadly samurai duels during his life and he won all the duels without a flaw

5 Julius Cesar

CaesarJulius 10 Greatest Soldiers in the world

Julius Cesar

Born in July 13, 100 BC, He was destined to conquer many lands, to burn millions of houses, steal golds or diamonds, and behead thousand of people. He gave prosperity for Roman empire for decades and he ruled many kingdoms under his tax policy.During his reign, he expanded his domination to Europe, part of Africa, and throughout West Asia

04. Hannibal Barca

hannibal barca 10 Greatest Soldiers in the world

Hannibal Barca

He was one of the best Carthaginian general and famous military contriver. He was one of the strongest military leader against Roman empire and he successfully defeat Roman soldiers in Trebia, Trasimene and Cannae.

03. Sun tzu

Sun Tzu 300x240 10 Greatest Soldiers in the world


He is one of the most famous military strategist in the world and he was the brightest emperor of wu. He was also great mathematician and author. His greatest book is The Art of war. This book is one of the most famous guide of war in military

2. Leonidas I

Leonidas 10 Greatest Soldiers in the world


He was the brightest son of King Anaxandridas II of Sparta and he was very famous for his courage, spirit of war and battlefield strategies. His name flourishes since the battle of Thermopylae and he was also believed as the descended of Heracles.

1. Alexandre The Great

Alexandre The Great 10 Greatest Soldiers in the world

Alexandre The Great

His name is quoted in Holy Books and he was the great general that inspired Julius Cesar, Hannibal, Napoleon and Pompey. Alexander III of Macedon or Alexander the great won many wars and he had great strategies to conquer many kingdoms in the world. As one of Aristotle student, he is the brightest of all time.

I believe there are more than 10 greatest soldiers in the world. if you have new name to add, share it on the comment

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