Funny Mother’s Day Facts

Find funny and interesting mother’s day facts from around the world on this famous holiday for all the moms in the world. Mother’s Day is a holiday that many people forget about and it’s definitely one you don’t want to miss or else you may not hear the end of it from your mom for Years to come.

Mom’s have it tough, they are responsible for taking care of the kids and especially the ones that stay at home with the kids. Mom’s have the toughest job in the world and that was taking care of you! So pay your respect to your Mom on Mother’s Day. It’s funny for you when your Mom has to clean up the pee on the floor, but think about it from her point of view, it’s not very funny for her! Mom’s have taken so much abuse being parents that Mother’s Day is the best time to tell them you love your mom.

Can you believe there is a mom out that gave birth to her child at the age of five, that’s odd and weird. Also there is a mother out there who gave birth at the age of 65 years old. How about octo mom, giving birth eight children and she was an instant celebrity with a reality TV show, how funny is that? One game gave birth to two kids just over 200 days apart, how, we have no idea!

Our mother’s are here for us and have given up so much of themselves to look after their kids!

Can you guess what is the most popular gift for your mom on Mother’s Day? I bet you would of never thought of the fact that Flowers aren’t as popular as perfume for your mom, so go get your mom some perfume as a gift for mother’s day to really stand.

My Mom had three boys, and we terrorized the household wrecking everything in sight so she definitely deserves some love. A funny story happened when one of the boys threw cereal all over the floor and then the other boys just played in it… A mother isn’t easy, and the look on our mom’s face was a pure look of “not again”!

So don’t forget to say Happy Mother’s Day and a good idea would be go get a funny mother’s day e-card, many of which are free to send to your Mom for Mother’s day. They are fun and make for a great loving and funny gift.

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