Facts About Mothers Day

Get the most interesting Mother’s Day Facts about the wonderful holiday for your mom and all the mothers in the world. Find Fascinating, funny, odd, and weird Mother’s Day Facts.

When is mother’s day in 2011? Mother’s Day is on Sunday May, 8th 2011 so so be late ordering your flowers and special gifts for your mom this Mother’s Day. Mother’s day has been celebrated since the beginning of the century in America, dating all the way back to the year 1907. It began with a women by the name of Anna Jarvis who wanted to pay homage to her mom who passed away. She drafted a letter and in 1914 years, Mother’s day was created by the United States. Congress that the 2nd Sunday in May will be the day for mothers moving forward.

There are almost 100 Million Mothers in America. Over 50% of women ages 16-40 are mothers in the world. Women who are over forty, but under forty four are likely to be moms.

What are the best gifts for Mother’s Day? Mom’s love Perfume for Mother’s Day as well as fresh flowers. Even though flowers are ascending to the most popular gift with the Mother’s Day flower deals on the internet, many mom’s still love to get perfume on Mother’s Day. If you can’t send your mom flowers or buy her jewelry such as a necklace or bracelet, and also perfume, you should definitely at least send her a card through the mail, or an e-card on the web. Many of the Mother’s Day ecards and greeting cards on the web are free and will make your mom very happy.

There are thousands of florists in the United States and hundreds of thousands of workers will working on Sunday in the store selling flowers on and Flower bouquets on Mother’s Day. Still to this day, much of the flower farms in the U.S are in California.

Millions of Women have babies each year and become new mothers and surprisingly there are hundreds of thousands of teens getting pregnant each other which is changing their lives for good. Nowadays, it’s not as uncommon to hear of mom’s getting pregnant and having kids in their late 30′s or early 40′s. In the past, this wasn’t recommended and it’s more likely that parents will have twins as hormone levels are higher at this age. The average age for mom’s who have kids is rising. Look at Celine Dion, she had twins over the age of 40.

In every three seconds of every day, it’s an interesting and fascinating fact that a baby is born each three seconds of every day across the world. It’s weird, but mom’s can time their births pretty good and many mothers are having babies in August as they prefer the summer months. It’s weird but many mothers are also having their children born on Tuesday over other days in the week. Nowadays many moms are deciding to have C-Section over a natural birth which allows a new mom to select the date and birthday of her baby.

In America, there are still millions of single moms struggling with no Dad to help their baby, and millions of stay and home moms trying to make a living on their own.

Hope you enjoyed these facts about Mother’s Day and be sure to send you mom a gift very soon to celebrate this occasion to appreciate your mom and all she’s done as a mother in your life.

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