Most Interesting Labor Day Facts

View the most interesting labor day facts across the nation and the country of the United States surround the holiday that is celebrated on the first Monday in September for the American workers to enjoy their freedom and prosperity. .

Interesting Labor Day Fact:
Around One Hundred and Fifty million people represent America’s labor workers and wake up each and every day to provide and support for their family. Surprisingly interesting fact is that it represents around 54% Male Workers and 46% Female workers. Still to this day, males represent a greater amount of people in the working world and at businesses and corporations across the country.

Interesting Labor Day Fact:
Also most of the employees at these companies have benefits and coverage for health insurance. Over 80% are covered for health insurance and roughly 80% are allowed to take leave for vacation.

Interesting Labor Day Fact:
The average salary in the United States of America is roughly thirty five thousand dollars which isn’t enough to support a full family.

Interesting Labor Day Fact:
Jobs and unemployment in America is almost at an all time high and the economy and consumer confidence index is almost at an all time low. The economy hasn’t recovered from the recession of the 2009 and 2010 and the housing market hasn’t fully recovered due to people losing their jobs and not making enough income to cover their mortgage payments on their homes.

Some of the most popular jobs across America at Chefs, Hairdressers, Firefighters, Farmers, but the most employed people in America are in education with over six million teachers. Also in an down economy, people are working two jobs to support their family and there are over seven million people having to work two jobs to pay their way, with over 10 million people running their own business, America is still a place where people can prosper by working on their own and being self-employed while around half of those people work from their house. Most of the female work force tends to stay in the health industry while Male workers work in factories.

Still people are fighting for their way and traveling to get to work each day with the average travel time taking over 20 minutes each way for people and if you live in New York City, you are most likely to commute for longer than that. People spend hundreds of hours each year just getting to work before they even start working and these are some of the major reasons why workers in America need a day to relax, not commute, not travel, and stay with their family to enjoy the special holiday, freedom, and experience of Labor Day.

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