When is Easter 2012?

Find important dates including the when is the Easter Holiday in 2012? Easter Sunday in 2012 will be celebrated on April 8, 2012. Find more great Easter Facts and dates about the Easter Holiday at Most Interesting Facts. Since Easter falls on a sunday, each year it will have different dates and next year in 2013, Easter will actually fall on March 31st which is a rare to find Easter actually fall in March as opposed to in April. Easter is celebrated on Sunday and is an important holiday for Catholics all around the United States of the America. People go to church, eat big Easter feasts, celebrated Easter with their friends and family and also have Easter Egg hunts for the kids.

With just a few weeks until the Easter Holiday in 2012, make sure you find great ideas for things to do for the kids on Easter, or if your planning a trip, plan early as Easter can get very busy. Also check out some funny easter facts and cool easter facts from previous articles written right here at Most Interesting facts.com

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