Interesting Facts about Good Friday

Learn the most Interesting Facts about Good Friday which is the Friday before the Easter holiday and celebrated as a Christian Holiday but is not as popular as the Easter Sunday Holiday.

It’s an interesting fact that Good Friday ended up not being as popular as Easter since Good Friday is the official and “Holy Friday” to commemorate the day Jesus was crucified, while Easter is the celebration of his resurrection, it’s interesting that Good Friday didn’t become as popular of a holiday. Some may think it’s because the Easter Bunny character helped improve the brand of Easter for kids and families around the world. Still Good Friday is a holy day for Christians which sometimes correlates with the Jewish Holiday of Passover.

Another interesting fact is that Crucifixion of Jesus wasn’t definitely on a Friday. While many believe it was the case, it’s not known for sure. However, this is the day it was believed to happen in AD 33. In the Roman Catholic Church, Good Friday is a day of fasting. In many traditions and religions, Good Friday is also known as Great Friday.

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