Funny Easter Facts

Get Funny Easter Facts about the Fun Easter Holiday with the cute and hilarious Easter Bunny. These Fascinating, odd, and weird Easter Facts are so interesting that it will give you humor and new appreciation for Easter. Good Easter Facts including where and why Easter started and how we’ve come to know the Easter Bunny. For one, the Easter Bunny was not created by the American’s, it was actually brought to us by the Germans. The Easter Bunny is not as popular as Santa Claus and many kids are actually even scared of the Easter Bunny.

People also eat the more marshmallow peeps for Easter, more than any other days of the year. It’s funny that people really don’t eat peeps that much at all and then gauge them down in massive numbers during the Easter Holiday season. I bet if you’re reading this article, you probably don’t even like Peeps, but want to go get some if it’s around Easter. If it’s not Easter, you probably don’t even want or have the desire to go near Peeps. It’s a funny easter fact, but it’s pretty true. Ask your friends if you don’t believe it.

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