Cool Easter Facts

Find cool and interesting Easter Facts for the Easter Holiday. These facts are not only cool, but super fun and great for the whole family to know and enjoy.

The Easter Bunny was imported from Germany. For the entire year, peeps are created to support the influx of peep eaters during Easter time. Besides Peeps, Jelly beans are consumed in massive numbers (in the billions) during the Easter Holiday season. Want to be cool around your friends, then go get some red jelly beans in Plastic Easter Eggs. Red Jelly beans are the most popular on Easter and they are supposed to be eaten in the color red to signify the actual crucifixion of Jesus and commemorate his resurrection. Even though it’s the Easter Holiday, a majority of American’s haven’t seen a real bunny. People like chocolate more than peeps, but more people think peeps are more popular. Kids love Easter candy so if you want to make your kids happy this Easter, it’s a fact that if you get them some candy this Easter, you’ll be a cool parent. Even the kids would rather have the chocolate bunny over a marshmallow easter bunny peep, what is this craziness with peeps then coming from?

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