Interesting Facts about Earth Day

Find Interesting Facts about Earth and the great holiday to bring awareness for our world, energy, going green and nature. Gaylord Nelson who was a US Senate created Earth Day to as the first major holiday for the environment and saving our planet from pollution and global warming. Al Gore has been a big activist in helping to spread the word about Global Warming and have people across the world use more green energy to limit the emissions that are hurting the environment and ozone layer.

earth day 1 Interesting Facts about Earth Day

Interesting Facts about Earth Day

In 1990, Earth Day became a holiday across the entire Earth in hundreds of nations across the globe. It is the time to ensure that we are doing what we can on a daily basis to save our planet. Are you recycling? Are you doing all you can to reduce the energy consumption and use clean energy? All of these environmental issues have been a center of attention across the world to ensure that our planet stays forever and these are the major issues that are going to effect our children and our children’s kids.

Earth Day has become a very popular holiday in America and across the entire world. Earth Day has become even more popular on college campuses around the United States and it’s become an important holiday in schools, towns, cities, and your community in the U.S. and it’s also important issue in the government, the senate, and congress to push more environmental reform to help save our world.

April 22nd has been designate as the official day of Earth Day. The day of April 22nd shouldn’t coincide with other holidays including Passover and Easter and since it’s at the end of the spring season, Earth day should be a beautiful day with great weather to raise awareness for the Earth.

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