Interesting Facts about American History

Find the most interesting facts about America and the United States. From the great beaches to the wonderful landscapes and national monuments and treasures, America is a great place to visit for it’s national parks, camping hiking, and amazing site seeing. There are over 12,000 miles of coast in the US, that surrounds the country from the Pacific Coast and East Coast with two major oceans, the pacific ocean and the Atlantic Ocean bordering North America. In 1960, the colonies of America were established at Plymouth.

At St. Augustine in Florida, it was the first settlement in US history and it was settled by Don Pedre Menedez who was a Spaniard. In 1699, the French made their pass at the United States settling in what is now known as Louisiana. However, it wasn’t until 1810 that an American established a settlement in America, and that was in Astoria, Oregon.

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