Youtube`s Luckiest Person in 2011

If you believe Youtube can make you millionaire, perhaps It will be happen if you try. Talk about Youtube, they have turned Justin Bieber and Marié Christina Digby from nobody to somebody and transformed them to be a new Youtube millionaire.

The question now is what if you are not good in singing other people song, acting, or doing risky stuff in front of a camera, can you also be a millionaire just with a You and Youtube video ? well, the answer is yes.You can be a new millionaire just with presenting 2 minute Youtube video and sincerely saying you want a a millionaire dollar like a Craig Rowin.

luckiest person on youtube in 2011 Youtube`s Luckiest Person in 2011

Recently, Craig Rowin, a 27 years old writer from satirical magazine, The Onion, was taping a 2:14 minutes video and upload it on Youtube. On his video, he carries a clipboard and then reading off names of rich people that he believe can turning him from a standard fee writer into  the luckiest person in Youtube.

luckiest person on youtube in 2011 2 Youtube`s Luckiest Person in 2011

On his video he mentions several famous name such as Lady Gaga, director Steven Spielberg, Nelson Mandela, Susan Boyle – and many other names that he thought can spare a million dollar for him.He is not event saying what the money for once he got the money.

luckiest person on youtube in 2011 3 Youtube`s Luckiest Person in 2011

One day, after he uploaded the video , a stranger who used anonymous name Benjamin emailed him at and said that he is ready to give him a million dollar cheque and he will give the money himself on a stage at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Manhattan on February 2,2011.

This news is already published by New York Daily News and he was already interviewed by CBS about his a million dollar pleads on Youtube.Soon we will see whether he is really the luckiest person on Youtube or not.

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