World`s Largest Glass Beer Ever

This post will give you a little information about the one glass beer that is larger, heavier, and more popular than any other glass beer in the world. The Glass is custom made and it is quite big enough to attract international Medias and beer lovers around the planet.

 World`s Largest Glass Beer Ever

Biggest Beer in the world

Beside the largest Glass Beer in the world, this giant glass is also the heaviest glass beer in the world ever made. Once it is full filled, the beer inside the glass will be enough to serve 500 beer lovers and more. The glass beer alone is owned by The Auld Dubliner Irish Pub. It is 8 feet height and enough to hold 430 Gallons of Beer at once. According to the pub co-owner, David Copley, the weight of the glass when empty is 900 lbs and it will be weighing 2,772 pounds after it is filled full by gallons of beer.

Worlds Biggest Guinness World`s Largest Glass Beer Ever

Biggest beer in the world

The glass Beer is recently titled as the largest glass beer in the world by the Guinness of World records. From the size, the weight, and the capacity, I am sure it will be difficult to outmatch the record of the glass. I have no information how much cost that was spent to make the glass beer but I think it won’t be difficult to break the record of World`s Largest Glass Beer if you have a million dollar

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