Top 5 Largest Fast-food Restaurants Chains in the World

This is top 5 most favorite fast food restaurants in the world. Out of the critiques, fast food restaurants are part of our live and we cannot ignore that they have made delicious menus and selling it for cheap. The list is started by McDonald`s. I title this post, top 5 largest fast food restaurants chains in the world


1.McDonalds Top 5 Largest Fast food Restaurants Chains in the World


McDonalds is the biggest of hamburger fast food restaurants franchise in the world. McDonald’s feeds more than 58 million customers daily and the restaurants chain is spreading in 32,400 locations worldwide and it employs 400,000 workers around the world.

2.Yum Brands

2.yum brands logo Top 5 Largest Fast food Restaurants Chains in the World

Yum Brands

Yum Brands was founded by Pepsi Company and it operates top brand fast food restaurants such as Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, WingStreet, Long John Silver’s restaurant, and A&W Restaurants outside Canada. Yum Brands is spreading in 37,000 locations and it employs more than 336,000. Base on the number of location Yum Brands is the biggest fast food chain restaurant in the world

3.Burger King

2.burger king Top 5 Largest Fast food Restaurants Chains in the World

Burger King

Burger king has 38,840 workers and it is in the 4th position of largest fast food restaurant chain in the world. The special menu of Burger King is the whopper Sandwich and the alternative menus are fried chicken, French fries, soft drinks, milkshakes, salads and desserts.


4.Subway Top 5 Largest Fast food Restaurants Chains in the World


Subway restaurant has 32,000 franchises and it was started by mere $1000 by Fred de Luca in 1965.Subway is recorded as the Largest Single-brand fast food restaurants. The main menu of the restaurant is Subs, Salads, Sandwich, and Pizzas.


5.Wendys Top 5 Largest Fast food Restaurants Chains in the World


Wendy`s restaurant is the 3rd largest fast food restaurant in the world and it operates 6,650 franchises around the world. It employs more than 57,000 workers and the most popular menus of the restaurant are Hamburgers, Fried Chicken and sandwich, frozen dessert, Salads, and Breakfast sandwich. Wendy`s headquarters is in Dublin, Ohio, and it spreads to the world to give Hot Juicy Burgers to everyone on the planet.

From 5 largest fast food restaurant chains above, what is your favorite fast food restaurant?

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